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Your Business Doesn’t Matter

So I had this convo with a new client last week.She's got a fantastic idea for her business, a definite winner. You know when you hear somebody talk about something and you just KNOW that that right there? Is a damn good idea and one that would … [Read More...]


Fuck That Shit

Ladies, I have to share this. From today's free Superwoman Success Challenge; you may have already received it if you're in that group. But: important, I think:DAY 19: FUCK THAT SHITIt's time for a whole new way of doing business.The rules are … [Read More...]

You Won’t Succeed If You Can’t First Believe

It's not an issue of whether you know enough yet.You know?When you look back a year from now, and you either congratulate yourself and feel so damn proud for what you pushed through and DID or you resign yourself to yet another year flown by with the … [Read More...]

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I took 14+ years hard slog as a successful and busy personal trainer with an entrepreneurial spirit that just wouldn’t quit, and turned it into an online company now consistently generating over 100k p/month in revenue. I work less than 20 hours per week and spend the rest of my time doing what I love with my husband and 2 lovely bubbas, currently from multiple locations around the world! Life is a dream - and yours can be too! Read More...

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