How to Sell What People Wanna Buy (10 Shortcuts I Use All the Time!)

July 29th, 2014

Are you selling MEANS not ENDS? If your stuff isn’t flying off the shelf like hot cakes then I bet this is part of the problem.

People don’t want to know how to EAT RIGHT…

Or how to EXERCISE…

Or how to MARKET…

Or copywrite/build a website/make an ecourse/Declutter/save money/communicate better ETCETERA!

They want their problems solved.

They want to FEEL something.

And KNOW they can reach their END.


So stop selling them the bloody tools and give them the end they want!

Like this -

10. Start by asking.

What do your people REALLY want? No, they do not want a pretty website/to make more money/to get in shape/etc. That’s the surface stuff. The more skilled you are at getting BENEATH that and understanding what they REALLY want, the more you can tie your OFFER back to that true motivation. It takes time to get to know someone well enough for them to reveal their TRUE desires to you. Or, you can start by just asking. Like this:

“Can you tell me why that is important to you? What do you REALLY want, that (getting a pretty website/making more money/being in better shape) would bring you?”

9. Ask again.

Of course some people like to play a little coy, and they’ll still keep it surface level. They might say “I want things to seem more professional”, or “I want to be able to pay my bills with ease”, or “I want to be able to travel”, or “I want to wear clothes I feel hot in”. When people say this sort of stuff to you, they’re lying. Okay, not lying but definitely not telling the truth. What they really want is to FEEL something.

Like freedom.

Or choice.

Or pride.

Or a sense of control.

Don’t know what …

Yes, But Is It Growing Your Business? How to Quit Yourself with Busywork, Identify the 10k An Hour Musts, and Earn an Extra 500k This Year!

July 15th, 2014


Okay chickadee, I don’t know about you, but I’m about sick and tired of the BS you’ve been spinning about how damn hard you work, how much you get done, and why DESPITE all of this you’re not yet making the money you want to make!

I mean c’mon -

Serious question now -

When was the last time you completed a full day of work that was ACTUALLY GREAT WORK?

Yes, yes, I know – you work hard all the time! You’re a powerhouse! A machine! You get shit DONE baby, and then some!

I know.

I hear you, I recognise what you’re saying, and I won’t argue with you that you’re busy as all get out, but let me ask you -

Is it growing your business?

And you KNOW that when I ask that I’m talking, specifically, is it increasing -

Your list Your reach Your income


I’m not interested in your fancy-schmancy explanations of how the 2 hours you spent investigating website themes is essential to ultimately creating the income you desire …

I don’t wanna hear about the time you spent stuyding online marketing and sales, learning about SEO and how to apply it, finding the exact perfect font for your name because you KNOW that’s gonna make people hand over their credit cards …

And I couldn’t give two hoots about the WEEKS you took to perfectly polish and prettify your optin so that, by golly, it’s simply the most BE-A-YOO-TI-FUL thing I’ve ever seen (aside from all the other beautiful women entrepreneur optins modeled on each other of course) and it is therefore GUARANTEED to create you a multiple-6-figure per MONTH recurring income!

I mean REALLY, for how much longer are you going to keep kidding yourself about …

How to Have More Money, More Time For You, More FUN and More Happiness, Overnight and Guaranteed!

July 9th, 2014

Do you remember that time, I think it was a year or so ago, when you decided that your life was going to change?

“That’s it!”, you said.

“I’ve had enough!”

“NO more dancing to the beat of somebody else’s drum!”

“NO more not doing what I really want to do because what if nobody wants it/what if I suck after all/what if it just doesn’t WORK?”

“From here on out, I am going to live life FULLY ON MY TERMS and like I MEAN it!”, you said. And you stood up just that little bit straighter that day, and you held your head high, and you felt happy and light and free because you had figured this life sh*t OUT, you’d cracked the code, and although you felt a little sorry for everybody who was still out there following along with the way life ‘should’ be done (poor souls) you knew that the time had come to jump off that ship and create your OWN path.

It was the best decision you ever made, and one you simply KNEW you couldn’t ever regret!

And the great thing is that you haven’t, you haven’t regretted it for a MOMENT, because really -

How can you regret doing something when you never actually (really) did it?

Let’s get serious sister.

This thing called life? This is not a rehearsal, and you don’t get no second chance.

So why are you acting as though you do?!

Why are you STILL putting off that stuff you SWORE you’d have happening by now?

Why are you doing tomorrow or NEVER what you KNOW you should be doing today?

And seriously, why don’t you just pull your finger out of your ass and actually FOLLOW THROUGH on what you promised yourself you’d do?!

Start the …

Just Want to Make Money NOW? Then Take Your Pretty Website and Shove It Up Your _______

July 3rd, 2014

Want to know the SLOWEST possible way to get to your dreams, make money, hit the big time?

1. Join any typical nice big female entrepreneur network 2. Find the leaders and ‘successful ones’ in that group 3. Check out their beautiful websites and carefully planned out and cultivated EVERYTHING 4. Have a nervous breakdown as you realise how much money and time it will take you to emulate all of that

5. Try to do it anyway, forget the joy of just creating and being you and meanwhile effectively press pause on your money makin’ abilities

NEWSFLASH sister – making GREAT money online in a way that suits you and also has an IMPACT on others, really doesn’t have to be so damn DIFFICULT.

Honestly, I feel so damn LUCKY to have started my business before the age of beauty came down hard and heavy upon the female entrepreneur world. God! I hate to think where I would be right now if I thought that in order to make MONEY I needed any or all of the following -

A BE-A-YOO-TIFUL website, designed by a pro for a minimum of X thousands of dollars An equally gorge logo to represent ‘your brand’ Specially put together branding and marketing materials A stunningly designed opt-in gift Professionally crafted first class materials to deliver the content in your courses or programs An SEO report An analytics report A copywriter and/or sales page expert to design the layout Beautiful images with your own quotes on them that you can share on Facebook

You see, nobody told me that in order to be successful I needed to have a website to match every other up and coming successful female entrepreneur out there.

Nobody told me there were RULES.

That that’s just how it has …

Be Unapologetically You

July 2nd, 2014

One of the toughest and most exhaustive times in my business occured shortly after I started to make ‘real’ money online. When I started my blog back in 2007 I had no idea it would turn into a fully-fledged international company with over 10 key websites coming under the company banner, over 50 different products creating income streams, an entire team of staff to run, and a gross turnover that nearly doubled each year after it first got off the ground.

I had no idea I would end up running an actual real business and in some ways I still don’t feel like I’m running a ‘real’ business! I feel like I’m just this personal trainer/writer/wannabe entrepreneur who somehow got lucky by pumping out a few (thousand!) blog posts and listening in to what people liked and wanted to know more of. In fact, very recently I attended a private Google Hangout with an entrepreneur friend whose business grosses in the multi-millions and who was generous enough to put on the hangout for a group of us who wanted to learn how she runs her systems and team so efficiently. As we listened to the nuggets she shared with us, one of the other ladies on the call (who also makes 7-figures in her business) commented exactly what I and I’m pretty sure most of us were thinking -

“It’s like we run REAL businesses!”

It might sound funny, or as though I’m looking for reassurance, but the truth is that for myself and many of my creatively-based entrepreneur friends we really did just kind of ‘end up’ where we are. That’s not to say we don’t actively focus on making money and being successful at what we do, ’cause we most certainly do! But we are still fast-thinking creatives …

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