Ready to Deal With Your Shit, and Be Who You Were Born to Be? Here’s How.

Quote - An open letter to the 1 percent

{an open letter to the true leaders who are ready to actually lead}

**Read only if you firmly believe and KNOW that your greatest success will eventuate when you focus on who you choose to BE, rather than what you need to DO**

I’ve been thinking a lot of late about what it is I really DO. Okay, I’ll be honest, I never stop thinking about that! The truth is I rarely stop questioning ANYTHING to do with creating MY dream business and life, and ever-evolving it to where I can say I fully ‘live life on my terms’.

But yes, this question has been on my mind a little more of late. I’m kind of OVER the whole online thing at the moment. Maybe this is reflective of the fact that I’ve been investing a lot of my emotion and energy, more so than usual, on a pretty much day to day basis for some time now and just needed to step away a little bit (and did so this week with a short holiday to Bangkok), but I think it’s more than that.

I don’t mean I’m over BEING ONLINE; hell to the NO! I love being online! I love how much opportunity we have to be whoever we want to be; to create our God damn destiny, to have it all and do ANYTHING we set our minds to!

What I’m over? I’m over the way BUSINESS is being done online. Just look at that last paragraph I wrote, for example. About OPPORTUNITY and CHOICE and FREEDOM and the fact that we can do and be ANYTHING!

Because I don’t know about you, but when I look around? I’m not seeing too many people availing themselves of all these opportunities and choices! I mean, for fucks sakes, you take pretty much any random group of 100 online entrepreneurs and you’re going to find near to 100 samey-same websites, programs, pretty little packaged pieces, and in most cases even the same freaking wording and font style! Okay, so I know there might be like 4 or 5 different versions of the same-same stuff not just 1. But seriously? Whether you’re the soft calm hippy template or the ‘hey I’m out there’ template, you’re still DOING IT FROM A FUCKING TEMPLATE.

And the worst part is that 99 of these 100 don’t even know it, and if they did?

They don’t even care. They just want to know will it WORK, though, if I follow that template, that system, that process! And of course the answer is HELL NO but they will never get that and so they believe in the idea of a system, and therefore, like I said – they don’t care about the samey-same thing.

Not really.

Because what they’re here for, really, is to make money online. Not to start a revolution and change the world. They’re not LEADERS, so it’s not them I’m writing to anyway. I could write a whole ‘nother post about why this approach doesn’t fucking work for making MONEY but I think for you who I’m actually writing to, you already WELL and truly get it.

So then there’s the 1 in 100, or truth be told maybe even 1 in 1000. And you are the one who knows she was born for great and has NEVER fit the template. But I’m going to be straight up with you, and this is why I’m so fucking over it all right now:


Sure, not to the extent of most people. But it’s there, isn’t it?

You can feel it … you can feel the normal creeping in, sometimes less so, sometimes more so, but it’s there.

It’s there in the ‘can you look at my sales page?’ questions like that actually has anything to do with anything; it’s either from the heart and ALL OUT YOU, or it’s not!

It’s there in the ‘what program should I create?’ musings that trap you into thinking that you CREATING is something you need to sit down and PLAN rather than freaking RELEASE.

It’s there in the ‘how do I grow my list’, where you then invest your time, your energy, your resources, your emotion, your SOUL into trying to get a Facebook ad working or grow a list, or make your website more SEO friendly, or whatever the fuck it is that the kids are doing these days to be good little lead generators, instead of just DOING WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO FIRST and then getting it out to more people.

It’s there everytime you ask: how do I do that or how do I get there instead of just focusing on who you need to BE and then rocking the AWESOME out of being that person.

It’s there when you think that making more money is about increasing your conversions, or getting on the phone more, or whether you should or shouldn’t include a free webinar as part of your launch.

It’s there, in short, everytime you operate from the head and the ‘what should I do’, instead of the heart and the ‘who am I going to BE’.

Of course the reality is, at this point, I know there is only a VERY few, even within the group of those who self-identify as true LEADERS, who get what I’m saying.

Because most, most who even ARE nodding along right now are agreeing with me in PRINCIPLE but at the same time still wondering, yes, Kat but HOW DO I DO THAT and WHAT SHOULD I SELL?!

Can I just let my guard down with you here?


I don’t give a fuck what you sell! I don’t give a fuck whether you have this or that or the other thing on your sales page! I don’t give a fuck whether you use videos or webinars or freaking courier pigeons for your launch! I don’t give a fuck NOT because I don’t GIVE a fuck but precisely BECAUSE I give a fuck about you being the leader who you were born to be and honey THAT bitch is not going to get to fame, fortune, freedom and AWESOME by focusing on what she needs to DO.

It’s going to be about who she needs to BE.


Yes, yes, yes, Kat I GET it but okay I DO need to know what to sell and how to sell it!

NO FUCKING NO! If you were BEING who you need to be – for you first and foremost and then for the gift you were brought to the world to be then you would NOT NEED TO ASK THAT.

It would just come out of you! The WHAT as well as the HOW and I can tell you for REAL that it WILL NOT LOOK LIKE A FUCKING TEMPLATE.

And it will change the world and it will make you your millions.

So at THIS point? I’m probably talking to the 1 in 10,000, and you know what? That’s ok. Because if I have to try and EXPLAIN that last bit to you then YOU DO NOT GET IT AND THAT’S OKAY.

And here is what I would love to see:

I would love to see the 1 in 10,000 actually start rising up. I’d love to SEE YOU if you’re that person. I’d love for you to finally just FOCUS on the BEING you need to embody. Because what I know for sure is that when you do that?


And you can look back all you like and review with interest the different approaches or strategies you used or what you made and how you sold it, and you can bet for SURE that people will start trying to copy you and before you know it your particular brand of crazy awesome, which came from you just being you, will almost become a system or a template in itself, and you’ll smile and yes sometimes feel triggered (I do!) when you see people KIND of ‘being you’ and writing / speaking / doing biz like YOU do, but the truth is you’ll look back and know:

It’s not about how I fucking did it!

It’s about who I chose to BE!

And here is where I come in, and where I’d love to help you.

I’m not your business coach, okay?

I’m not your fucking SYSTEMS person. Sure, I’m happy to talk about MY system till the cows come home, ’cause I love what I do because it’s based on who I AM, but if you want to know about my system because you think that following it will get you to YOUR gold? Well. Just re-read this whole article, but especially the last few minutes worth.

I can’t help you come up with a PLAN if by plan you mean what should I DO.

I can’t help you fix your sales page or your launch or your lead gen or funnel or marketing PROCESSES and I can’t help you know EXACTLY WHAT WILL SELL if you’re not first and foremost BEING WHO YOU NEED TO BE.

So when you ask me about this stuff, and my answer often comes back to some kind of version of ‘do whatever feels right for YOU’, there is a fucking REASON for that. And I think I just explained that reason :)

And if you don’t KNOW what feels right for your, and you can’t seem to tap into that, and you’re not, well, feeling it?



All the more reason you need to get busy on the BEING not the doing! The more you’re NOT sure who you want to be the deeper you need to go INTO that, until you know, until you’re doing it, until you’ve internally BECOME the ‘one day’ person of your wildest fantasies.

And trust me:

As much as I’d be happy to help that person find clarity around their offers, their processes, their sales and marketing and whatever, the reality?

That person fucking KNOWS already.

That person is the kind of person who just makes hit HAPPEN, they’re the kind of person who figures out the answers BY VIRTUE OF WHO THEY ARE. And who they’re being.

So when you come to me and you want to know why it’s not working yet because hey! I’ve been getting my stuff out there for weeks now and I’m being REALLY real these last few weeks or even months, and I did everything you do or you said about how you do sales pages and launches and so on and so forth PLEASE EXCUSE ME IF I WANT TO THROW SHIT AT YOU THROUGH THE COMPUTER.

Because it is not.



And it is not.


Something I want to hear about if you’ve been ‘giving it your all’ now for however many fucking WEEKS, or MONTHS! ESPECIALLY if your version of giving it your all is based around what you’ve been DOING, rather than who you’ve been BEING!

So let me tell you what I do, really.

And where I can help.

I can help you figure out your shit and become who you were born to be.

It’s that simple.

I’ll reach into your soul and pull out your deepest desires and the truths you’ve always known but perhaps never fully faced, about what your life is supposed to be about.

I’ll reach deeper into your soul and shine a light on the stuff you allow to STOP you.

And then I’ll help you blast THAT shit to Kingdom Come.

So that you can fully embody BEING the leader, the game-changer, the revolutionary who you were born to be.

I can help you find CLARITY –

Around your message –

And the path you’d most love to take –

Around what it’s all supposed to be about, really! About what you most LONG for, and what you truly would be happy to never do again.

I can help you get to ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE –

About your dreams. And the full certainty that they can come true.

I can get you into action. IMMEDIATE action. On BEING the person you were born to be. The person who KNOWS they’re path. Who GETS what it’s all for. Who DOES THE FUCKING WORK not because she has a list or a strategy but because of who she IS.

In short?

I can help you flick that inner switch from one day, to now.

And in order for me to be able to do all of this, it’s really quite straightforward:

You need to be willing to acknowledge – finally and also FULLY – what you’re actually here for.

You need to be okay with me pulling out your shit and if need be flinging it at you until you can’t stand the stink so much that you actually God damn DEAL with it.

You need to face UP TO that thing you’ve always had inside of you.

You need to OWN the fact that you’re a leader, a creator, an artist. That something you DO is online marketing, but that’s NOT WHO YOU ARE.

And you need to be okay with letting go of trying to know how to DO ALL THE STUFF before you first DEAL with the stuff you’re hiding from yourself and start living AS THAT PERSON.

And then?

Well then you need to be willing to let ALL OF YOU out into the world.

In whatever fucking form it comes out.

Because you know that for you? The millions and the difference will be made from the MESSAGE and from who you ARE, and from when you truly COMPLETELY share the truths inside of you with the world.

From when you turn your light on.

And let that motherfucker burn.

And while you may well have ‘offers’ and ‘sales pages’ and ‘systems’ and the like it will NEVER BE ABOUT THAT SHIT.

It won’t freaking MATTER how it looks –

Or what the structure is –

Or whether it makes no sense at ALL, in the ‘internet marketing’ world, but what will matter is that it embodys the core of YOU, the leader, YOU, the revolutionary, YOU, one of the 1 in a MILLION who is willing to actually bare their soul and DO WHAT THEY CAME HERE TO DO.

And if you can be okay, heck fucking PUMPED, with all of that rather than scared off by it? If you KNOW that this is how it’s meant to be for you, that what you’ve been missing is the BEING and that you’re finally DONE with worrying about the doing?

And if you’re ready to give ALL of you.

Then I can help.

I have a Society.

It’s a Society of Women Who Dream Big, and Make Shit Happen.

It’s a Society for leaders, of course, but honestly?

Only a very particular type of leader.

The 1 in 10,000, MAYBE.

The 1 in 1 million more likely.

The one who resonated FULLY with what I just wrote.

Who GETS it.

Who is DESPERATE for it.


For letting GO of the … stuff. Of the NOTHINGNESS posing as SOMETHING. Of the … detritus of the online world and the ridiculous ridiculous GIVING A FUCK about what to do and how to do it.

It’s for the woman who was born to lead the leaders.

The woman who has such a deep deep burn inside of her she knows she will NEVER be satisfied, NEVER be done, NEVER stop creating and leading and caring TOO much but ultimately who knows that this chick?

Was born to change the world.

And that that will happen, not when she gets more done and not when she learns more about WHAT to do or HOW to do, but when she steps up –

Fully –

And boldly –

And quite simply –

Becomes what she was born for.

If this is you:

And you are FULLY read to lead:

And you’re willing to figure your shit out, let go of it, and BECOME THE FUCKING LEADER OF LEADERS YOU WERE BORN TO BE:

Then join me.

In the Society of Women Who Dream Big, and Make Shit Happen.

I’m opening the doors for just 4 days, until July 3.

Click here now:


Life is Now. Press Play.




Please don’t consider The Society if you do not FULLY resonate with everything I just wrote. I WILL help you figure out your shit and be who you were born to be. But for that to happen YOU HAVE TO BE OKAY WITH BEING BEFORE DOING.

Click here now to join my elite inner circle, and have private high-level mentoring access to me as you CLAIM YOUR PLACE in the world’s ONLY Society of women leaders who lead the leaders:

Want it All, Want it Now? Here’s What You’re Missing

Quote - Saying you want it but not in fact doing itDo you ever feel as though no matter how hard you push yourself, how much you get done or check off your list, even how many milestones you actually hit, it’ll still never be enough and you’ll never be ‘there’?

I do! I can tell you that the further along my success journey I go the more aware I become of what is possible and what is within reach and so in some ways my hunger for MORE becomes greater with time, my dreams and goals become ever-bigger, and I feel almost anxious with the knowledge of all there is I still want to do … and will do!

So, that’s part of business okay? Desire never ends, and gosh isn’t THAT a good thing?! God knows nobody would ever get anywhere of much note if it weren’t for drive and desire, and the fact that it’s always there to remind you to wake up and get to work.

But there is something I want to talk about more specifically around the concept of not yet being where you want to go, and it has to do with the ‘thing you’ve always wanted to do and known you were born for’.

Don’t tell me for a SECOND you don’t know what I mean sister! I KNOW that as soon as I said this you felt that VERY familiar sucker-punch to the gut feeling.

The feeling that reminds you, once more, that oh shit.

You STILL haven’t mother-fucking got around to giving THAT shit your all.

And oh shit.

You’re still spinning the same crap as to why you haven’t yet, can’t yet.


Even as you think about your own BS lies you know that they’re BS, you know they’re lies, and when all is said and done you know it’s not TRUE that you ‘can’t’, but that rather for some reason unknown to man or at least you, you just CHOOSE NOT TO.


When you say they reason is unknown to you, that’s not exactly true.

Because the truth?

Well the truth will fucking hurt today my love, as it so often does! But also –

It just might set you free.

And the truth is this:

You know –
And you’ve always known –
That you are here for something bigger than what most could even consider let alone comprehend.
You know –
And you’ve always known –
Deep within you –
What the thing is.
The thing you were born to do –
Are supposed to do –
And that until you do, and do all out?
You’ll never be at peace, never be there, never be done, always be searching, always feel frustrated, and that even when you do achieve your goals or successes it will feel like so much empty fluff.

Nice marshmallowy fluff perhaps.

A little pretty, a little sweet.

Tasty for a moment!

And then poof – gone.

It doesn’t matter.

And the only thing that will fill that need, that whole, that DEEP DEEP PULL within you?

Is when you finally step the fuck up and give your TRUE dream your all.

Can I ask you something gorgeous?

What IS that true dream of yours?


If you want to try and pretend you don’t know, then flat out I’m not the mentor for you in any way. To the point where I’d prefer you don’t even read my stuff, let alone consider working with me! And look, I don’t mean you have to be able to define it and pitch it to me in an elevator.

You just have to be able to feel it, and most of all?

You have to be able to admit –

Finally –

And fully –

That it’s about freaking time you got off your ass and DID THE THING!

A year ago you said next year, a week ago you said this week, yesterday you said today, but honey today never comes and the future is NOW.

And I get it. God do I get it! Confession time?

I still haven’t given MY all to MY thing! You think I’m up here every day preaching on my stand, looking down sternly from the halls of success and wanting to just smack YOU down and in some way help you lift yourself UP to living your true dreams?!

No! I’m down there with you. I’m speaking to ME with the stuff I write. Sometimes a past version of me, but today … today I speak to the NOW me. The one who is tired of tomorrow never arriving, heck TODAY never even arriving because something within her wonders –

What if –

I gave it my all –

Actually wrote as much as I want, spoke as much as I want, went FULLY into the truths I want to share and CREATED all that I want –

And it didn’t ‘work’ –

Or worse still it didn’t MATTER.


And what would it MEAN?

Can I tell you what it would mean, if you knew you’d finally laid yourself on the line for your dreams and then it didn’t ‘work’ or it didn’t make the difference you want it to make?


And I don’t know about you, but that alone seems like a pretty great fucking outcome. Imagine the feeling of knowing that finally – FINALLY! – you’d given it your all, NO HOLDS BARRED. Do you think you’d be filled with self-respect, a sense of empowerment? Do you think that if it didn’t at first WORK but yet you’d fully COMMITTED you’d just. keep. going because that’s what you DO when you’re DOING THE THING YOU WERE BORN TO DO?!

And do you think –

That maybe –

Just maybe –

You’d help even one person? (And probably so many more)

And that if you helped even ONE person then it DID FUCKING MATTER TO THEM, but more importantly when you think about significance, and whether what you’re called to do is ‘even worth anything’, it’s actually just about YOU DOING WHAT YOU WERE CALLED TO DO …

Which means that the DOING in fact IS the outcome!

Don’t you see?

We hold ourselves back, every freaking day, through the various fears which essentially boil down to what if what if what if and a BIG part of that is CAN I REALLY DO THAT AND WILL IT EVEN MATTER?

I don’t even think the ‘will it work’ thing is the real thing we’re scared of! I think the true fear is will it MATTER, will YOU matter, will anybody even GIVE A DAMN if you BARE YOUR SOUL AND OPEN YOURSELF UP FOR ALL TO SEE!

And the thing is, well the thing is ….

As much as it would be nice to have the world fall at your feet and throw you your millions –

And as much as I fully and FIRMLY believe that the path to true wealth IS going to be by you BARING YOUR SOUL AND DOING WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO, and so long as you’re committed to DOING it, day in and day out, and actually doing it FULLY where you NEVER EVER STOP, then you WILL reach your millions –

But the THING?

Well the thing is none of that stuff is the reason to do it, is it?

The reason?

Quite simply?

Is you do it because you need to do it.

For you.

Because you’ve always needed to do it.

For you.

And because it’s never going to go away and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS to YOU my beauty except for doing the thing you’ve always known you were meant to do!

So in short …

If right now you’re not ‘there’ …

And you wonder if you can ‘make it’ if you do what you were born for …

Honestly, in my heart of hearts I fully believe that EVERYBODY can make it doing what they were born for IF they will give it their all …

But I also believe that even if it NEVER brought you money, fame, fortune, that the ONLY way you can truly make it in terms of waking up every day and LOVING THE LIFE YOU LIVE?

Is living the life you’re MEANT TO FUCKING LIVE.

And what’s more?

I know you believe the same. It’s all very well to say that we want it all and want it now.

But if we’re chasing everything but the ONE THING WE REALLY WANT?

Then what the heck is the point?

And do you REALLY think you’re ever going to get ‘there’ when you’re not actually having a crack, a whack, able to say you’re giving it your EVERYTHING, day in and day out for as long as it TAKES?


You’re not.

And you won’t.

So you can take your current ‘successes’, and although they may well be pretty and shiny and SO nice to look at and preen over, THEY MEAN NOTHING.

Not when you’re not doing THAT.

Not when you haven’t even really tried!

So enough fucking around sister.

If you don’t do it now, you’ll never change and THEN YOU’LL DIE.

And I don’t know about you, but I’d say that getting to THERE? Is not what you meant by getting there.

Do what matters to you, NOT because of the outcome you THINK it should generate for you, or because you believe (and I do too!) that it’s where your wealth and fame is MEANT to be found, but do it –

Fully –

And finally –





And that alone is all the outcome you really need.

And if it’s not?


Either way –

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




Do you want to know – finally and for CERTAIN – that you are doing the ALL OUT work that matters to YOU?

Then come join me in my new initiative, BADASS BUSINESS BABES! We start next Monday and it’s all about being a TRUE badass in business, in fitness (inside out!), in LIFE and in YOU. It’s about CLAIMING the highest level of excellence in living the life you were born for, doing what REALLY matters, having what ‘it all’ actually means to you, and STARTING NOW.

Early bird rates apply until this Thursday, and you will be blown away THRILLED at just how good they are + how much BADASSERY you get!

So what are you waiting for?!

Click here now, and come be YOUR version of all the way badass in business and in life!


10 Ways to Discipline Yourself to Do the Motherfucking Work

Quote - What they call obsession we call discipline

1. You’ll Never Change and Then You’ll Die

I thought about easing into this post nice and gentle like; a bit of an inspiring story or a curious question to get you ‘hooked’ so you have to keep reading. My go-to style, after all, seems to be that my posts get rantier and angrier the longer they go on :)

But honestly, what’s the point of reading any further if you can’t just face up to reality:

And reality, like it or NOT and I hope to God you do NOT, is that if you don’t do the motherfucking work NOW – no matter what! – then YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE AND THEN YOU’LL DIE.

That’s just how it IS sister, and you can come up with all the reasons in the world why you haven’t yet and you can’t till tomorrow but NO NO NO.

You haven’t. You didn’t. You’re NOT. These are the FACTS Your Honour!

So if that’s who you are, then stop reading, stop reading now, because you?

You’ll never change and then you’ll die.

— disagree PROFUSELY and actually going to do something about it NOW, by which I mean NOW, not later today or tomorrow? Keep reading.

2. Man the Fuck Up Woman!

It’s an EXPRESSION, okay? I personally believe women are WAY more willing to do what it takes to live completely on their terms then men, but either way, you get my point. Well, I’ll tell you anyway:

This … this soft, gentle, step by step approach you’re taking? We’re you tread carefully, dip a toe in, test the waters, see how you fare, and then have a rest because it’s all too much?

For fuck’s sakes. Don’t you realise how much you’re CAPABLE of?! Don’t you realise the 20-minute workout done ALL OUT is better than the 60-min ‘for the sake of it dance around?’

Don’t you realise going hell for leather to create! create! create! and let your truth out is of higher value than an entire God damn WEEK’S worth of fucking around trying to learn internet marketing?!

Don’t you realise that if you just showed up FULLY, for even an hour each day, and you did it day in and day out then in a few MONTHS, never mind a year, you’d be further ahead than most people who’ve been ‘trying to figure it out’ the past 2 years?!

Man the fuck up woman. And when you sit down to work? Do the motherfucking work.

3. Oh So it Hurts? Good! POWER ON BITCH.

The point of pain is to guide you FORWARD not tell you to back off. Okay, so I’m not talking pain like ‘I think I just broke my leg’ and then you keep climbing the mountain. What I’m actually talking about is strong discomfort. Where you’re burning and things are tearing, and the stretching, the God damn stretching is KILLING you (except it’s not; it’s helping you!) and you don’t know if you can make it and OMFG it HUUUUURTTTTTSSS and I want to stop, and I can’t, I just can’t, and then –

ohhhhh –

You stopped.

And now you have to start all over again.

Every freaking time.

What a freaking WUSS! And really – do you really think this is helping you; that it’s what you need? Push THROUGH the discomfort; the stretch is what will GROW you and you’ll reach heights you never thought possible and YOU WILL RULE THE WORLD.

And then you go to the next level of OMFG :)

Speaking of which: stop looking for the pit stop!

4. No, You Don’t Need to Rest Yet!

I remember when I first started practicing Bikram yoga and I’d spend half the class with an eye desperately on the teacher waiting for the moment when – please! – they might open the door a crack; just a crack, so I could have that moment of respite.

This morning it hit me, as the class drew to an end, not only do I never look for that anymore but it would actually ANNOY me if the teacher were to let cold air in and distract me from the intensity at which I’m operating! Not only do I not NEED the rest I never actually needed yet used as a crutch, but I don’t fucking WANT it.

I know the REWARD of doing the work, all the way to the end.

And I know how fucking awesome it is to GET to the end of what you said you’d do and EARN YOUR REST.

So … earn your rest baby. It feels SO GOOD THAT WAY!

5. Never Say Die

Oh, so you’re tired, you don’t feel good, you had a shitty night’s sleep and you can’t be bothered?

And WAAHHHHHH, you did the work for 6 weeks STRAIGHT and you’re not a millionaire yet, so this shit ain’t working anyway!

It’s really simple lovely:

You want the outcome? You need to do the work. EVERY DAY BABY. Not just when you’re so-called ‘able’.

Speaking of which:

6. You’re operating at, like, 1%.

All this bullshit about not pushing ourselves too hard. What a fucking crock! We don’t know the freaking MEANING of pushing ourselves hard! As a population – even in the entrepreneurial world – we’ve lost sight of the fact that through the PUSH comes the JOY and the REWARD.

Stop looking around for proof or reassurance that you’re doing enough. Are you where you want to be, are you happy with how you’re living your life, do you go to bed at night SPENT with the exhausted HIGH that comes from giving life your ALL, not because of the freaking hours you put in but because of the EFFORT and emotion you gave?


THEN NO. You’re not doing enough.

7. Go Faster

When you think you’re starting to get into a rhythm, when you’re proud of yourself because finally you’re getting your message out there every day, finally you’re showing up every day, finally you’re being CONSISTENT?

You’re just getting warmed up! Now is the time to give yourself a swift pat on the back and then EXIT THE WARM UP AREA.

Time to sprint baby!

8. Go Harder

When you’re sweating, it’s hurting, you’re dying on the inside and crying on the outside the temptation is to take your foot off the pedal, take a breath, look around, maybe get validation that it’s okay, you did it, it’s okay, you’re doing more than anyone else, it’s okay, you’re further along than what you were last week!


So push.

PUSH BABY PUSH. Race like a motherfucking woman possessed towards the life of your dreams, you CANNOT AFFORD TO WASTE A SECOND!

9. And by the way? It’s Only About You.




Pay attention to what anyone else is doing, how hard they’re pushing, how fast they’re going, whether they’re creating more or getting out there more, or what the fuck EVER.

Firstly it’s almost guaranteed that everybody else you look at, if you’re living at 1%, is operating at maybe 0.01%.

So – not a good point of reference.

But secondly: it’s all about you baby. YOUR LIFE. Your way. There’s no competition for living YOUR LIFE.

10. Rage Against the Machine

What it comes down to is this.

The world would tell us to slow down –

That we’re doing enough –

That it’s okay; there’s still time! –

That it’s ‘wrong’ to push, that being a hardass is wrong, that we should all basically just join hands and sing Kumbaya.

Well guess what?

The world is fat, slow, lazy and broke.

Don’t want to be of the world in THAT way?

Then best you step up to the plate.

Best you jump OFF the motherfucking plate.

And best you run like a bat out of hell to create the life YOU so badly say you want?

Because otherwise?

It’s all just a fantasy. And as you get older, fatter, slower, lazier and more freaking STUCK it is NOT GOING TO GET EASIER.

NOW is your time.

Now is the ONLY time.


And you can change things.

But if you want it? You’re going to have to take it, all the way, and it’s going to have to be NOW bitch.

Don’t forget:

LIFE IS NOW. Press Play.



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Time to step up bitch!