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Heidi Lidholm

Gifts For You From The Society!

I am so damn PROUD of the incredible women I have in my Society of Women Who Dream Big and Make Shit Happen! The Society is my inner circle mastermind, and runs over a year. In it we dream BIGGER than big and then we (you guessed it!) MAKE THAT SHIT … [Read More...]

It's Down to YOU-1

Here’s How to Have It All!

Let's get serious here and OH so up in your face for just a QUICK moment -Most of the stuff you're spending your time on? Complete BS. Filler. Fluff. Stuff you CONVINCE yourself is meaningful, or important, or a must, because hey! SOMEBODY who knows … [Read More...]

How to Fuck It All Up

How to Fuck It All Up

Something I learned, once I finally allowed money to flow to me and business and life to be easy and straightforward, was just how tough I had made it on myself over the years.You might have heard people say that making money or achieving even the … [Read More...]

62 Things I Learned From an 8-Figure

62 Things I Learned From an 8-Figure Entrepreneur

Have you ever wished you could just suck up the mind of somebody who is doing exactly what YOU most want to do and truly pressing play in a way that just takes your breath away?For me my ultimate dream and goal has long been to be able to make big … [Read More...]

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I took 14+ years hard slog as a successful and busy personal trainer with an entrepreneurial spirit that just wouldn’t quit, and turned it into an online company now consistently generating over 60k p/month in revenue. I work less than 20 hours per week and spend the rest of my time doing what I love. Let’s face it – doing whatever the heck I like. Read More...

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