I’m Quitting My Facebook Page

August 20th, 2014

I decided that where I really see my business going is no longer personally running a Facebook page as well as being ‘me’ on Facebook on my profile and in groups.

I’m committed to always starting as I mean to go on, in my business and my life, so therefore I’m going to just pull the pin now rather than hold out.

Staying on my Facebook Page when knowing that I one day plan to quit would be pretty crazy, kind of like putting a healthy lifestyle off until Monday (and Monday, and Monday!) or indeed saving any life dream or goal for another day ‘when the time is right’.

What it really comes down to is I feel like I still have a bit of a split personality on Facebook.

For all that I talk about alignment and authenticity and I absolutely speak my truth, when I post on my page (as opposed to on my personal profile or in a group) there is still very much a sense that I am trying to write a good post. And then I look at the reach and the engagement and am either happy or upset.

That’s not really how I want my social media experience to be.

I want to have completely REAL conversations, if I’m going to spend time on social media.

As real as they can be online, but you know what I mean.

When I engage in comments on my page I feel like I’m in some ways ‘getting a job done’, rather than focusing purely on the conversation.

I like seeing my likes grow.

I think about how I’m coming across.

I spend time planning and scheduling posts.

I deliberately share some of my posts to try and get more reach for them.

I speak with …

How to Find Your Purpose and Turn it Into Big-Ass Profit

August 19th, 2014

It’s like this constantly hanging over you THING, isn’t it?

The idea that if only you knew EXACTLY and PRECISELY what your true PURPOSE is, that everything would just WORK.

You totally get, believe in, subscribe to the idea of alignment, authenticity, doing your best work. You’re willing, you’re ready, and you’ll do what it takes! But right now?

You feel stuck, frustrated, and pretty damn certain that the stuff you’re working so hard to put out there is just … not … right.

Would you like to know what the real message is that YOU need to know right now?

Firstly. It’s all going to be okay. BELIEVE it.

And secondly. There is only one way for you to find your true purpose, your calling, to know the LEGACY that you were born to leave, and that is this -

You gotta just go ahead and start anyway.

This sitting around, wishing, waiting, expecting some sort of divine angelic intervention where you’re handed a scroll from above with the beautiful big calligraphic letters mapping out the words “Your Purpose” on the outside and who knows WHAT magic awaiting you inside?

It’s not going to happen.

YOU have to go and figure it out.

And figuring something out? It kinda depends on, well, doing some figuring.

I have to tell you, that the stuff you’re spending your time on right now? That’s not figuring. That’s keeping busy. And YES it can “grow” your business and move you toward success in the same way that doggedly doing hour after hour of cardio exercise that tears and breaks your body down CAN lead to improved fitness and MAYBE weight loss but if you just got off the freaking treadmill and picked up some weights you could change your entire body …

How to Deal With Jealousy Online, and Seeing Others Succeed Where YOU Should Have

August 19th, 2014


We all have that business arch nemesis who just rubs us up SO badly. Everytime we see them do something we just want to stamp and throw things, then get on a big trumpet that speaks to the entire WORLD and let everybody know -

It should have been me!

I am BETTER than that!

I KNOW more, and I’m smarter too!

If you’ve never felt that way, then congratulations, you are indeed a robot. OR maybe you just haven’t found the stuff you truly madly deeply care about yet.

Because here’s one fact that they won’t tell you in Entrepreneur School -

When you’re passionate about something, you want it DEEPLY, you KNOW it is part of your destiny, you FULLY believe you can and SHOULD have it and yet you DELIBERATELY AND REPEATEDLY DO NOT CHASE AFTER IT?

It’ll kinda piss you off when others do.

How DARE they be out there following YOUR dream?!

And doing a better JOB at it than you to boot!

You can’t deny it – the one DOING the job in ANY way or shape or form is doing a helluva lot better at it than the one who is NOT EVEN TRYING AT ALL.

So let’s get down and DEEPLY honest here gorgeous.

What is it you REALLY want?

What is your soul CALLED to do?

What do you KNOW is your destiny, your future, your MUST?

What are you so damn passionate about creating, or experiencing, or it would just be the ULTIMATE for you?

Perhaps it’s becoming a best-selling author …

Hitting the NYT best-seller list to take it even further …

Speaking at TedX …

Being friends with Tim Ferriss …

Having a column in a major international publication …

Appearing on James Altucher’s podcast show …

How to Write Emails That Make You at Least 10k a Pop

August 15th, 2014

I send out what might officially I’m sure be classified as a fuck-ton of emails.

Perhaps you’ve noticed?

Now one reason I do this, is I love to write. I write when I am CALLED to write, which is daily, and when I DO write there’s nothing I hate more than not sending that writing out RIGHT away into the world. I want you to see it, read it, be impacted and CHANGED by it and NOW.

I have tried really hard to stick to a writing schedule based around strategy and send things out at only given times but I’ve decided I just don’t WANNA do it that way, basically. And really, you just don’t HAVETA do anything in your biz that doesn’t feel awesome for you; so-called rules of how things must be done on the Internet are just guidelines that OTHER people decided upon. And who made them God?

You’re a person too, aren’t you? You can ALSO create rules! Or just have no rules and do what feels right and ALIGNED day to day.

For me, doing what feels right and ALIGNED is writing a lot, and sending that writing out to you asap.

But I’ll be honest; there’s another reason I do write and email so much, and that is this -

The more I write, the more money I make, the more people I help, and the greater legacy I create.

And honestly? I have a lot to say and a big legacy to leave AND I intend to make many many millions in doing so.

You too? Cool, then you’re going to like this -

I want to share with you the exact process I use to write high-converting emails that connect me instantly with my readers and sell a ton of …

Stop Making it So Freaking Difficult!

August 14th, 2014

Have you ever stopped to wonder how simple and just BEAUTIFUL your life could be if you stopped working so hard to do the right thing?

If you threw out the rules on business … On making money … On getting in shape … On HAPPINESS

On every little and big thing you right now believe you HAVE to do?

Just imagine! – Creating new products and programs and offerings from a place of complete soul alignment rather than ‘what will sell’ … Having a sales and marketing ‘system’ that actually FEELS right, not forced, based in truth and authenticity and just really, you being you …

Listening to your body about what you need, right now, and what you don’t … Making up your OWN mind before blindly adhering to ANYTHING, whether it be how you ‘have’ to do social media, how a sales page must look, what a program should include, how your website has to be, how things must be delivered.

For heavens sakes! When did it become okay for other PEOPLE to write YOUR blueprint of how your life should be lived?! And more than that – When did YOU become so blinded to your own intuitive KNOWLEDGE about what you need for yourself, your business, your life, to the point where you’re now running around, hands outstretched, wearing a freaking blindfold that YOU PUT ON and asking for somebody to show you the light?! You wanna see the light?

Then open your eyes!

You already have everything inside of you that you need to succeed …

You KNOW when you are doing your best work and when you’re not …

Your body gives you FEEDBACK when you are pushing in the wrong way, trying too hard, forcing the point, trying to make. things. …

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