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What is the pain you can endure for life?

We all have this idea that business, when it's done based on what you love doing and who you really are, is going to be just freaking awesome.Of course we realise that there will be things to learn, stuff to figure out, new ways to grow and be … [Read More...]

It’s Supposed to Fucking Hurt. Embrace IT Baby!

It's SUPPOSED to fucking hurt honey. EMBRACE it!Aren't you just so WEARY of doing so MUCH already?Not that I'm anti doing MUCH ... quite the opposite in fact.But when it's much that you don't actually CARE about, that you don't actually LOVE, that … [Read More...]

Fire it Up

Fire it Up, Bitch!

Do you ever just feel as though you're only really half alive anyway?I sometimes wonder if I've reached even 10% of my capacity to get shit done and know that I'm making it count.I'm not talking about the mundanity of 'getting shit done', of checking … [Read More...]

How to Achieve ANYTHING – Like Magic!

Spoiler alert: when there is TRUE MEANING, you will make it work. That's it. That's the secret. You can leave now, eyes perhaps a-roll, and go about your day. Go about the LONG AND PAINFUL road to success, wondering why despite ALL your efforts … [Read More...]

I Believe in Excess

One of the things that has become INCREASINGLY clear to me over the past year or two is that the more I PUSH, the happier and more in flow I become.(Hint ... I know this is not right for EVERYONE. But read on if you're thinking it MIGHT be right for … [Read More...]

Get Off Your Ass!

Get Off Your Ass!

Do you really think you're being as efficient as you could be?Be honest now, REALLY honest -When you think about how you allow your days to pass by (and gosh do they seem to pass FASTER now, right?!) -And you consider what it is you actually VALUE … [Read More...]

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I took 14+ years hard slog as a successful and busy personal trainer with an entrepreneurial spirit that just wouldn’t quit, and turned it into an online company now consistently generating over 100k p/month in revenue. I work less than 20 hours per week and spend the rest of my time doing what I love with my husband and 2 lovely bubbas, currently from multiple locations around the world! Life is a dream - and yours can be too! Read More...

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