How to Guarantee Great Results

Today's blog is a video blog from my friend Fat Loss Coach Tim Neal. His new website the 365 project offers free video tips that are simple, short, and smart. I'm very honoured to have him agree to share one of those with you today! Watch the video below in which Tim talks about his biggest secret … [Read more...]

10 Healthy Tasty Snacks for the Busy Gal on the Go!

It must be one of the things that really comes up more than just about anything when it comes to how to eat right, effortlessly and actually enjoy the process! I'm talking about snacking. You know, that thing you're supposed to do in between meals so you keep cravings at bay, blood sugar stable, … [Read more...]

Is Your Sugar Addiction Really About Sugar?

A lot of the time, it doesn't really matter what the actual food is does it? Oh sure, you might go through phases. The red licorice phase. The supermarket-brand choc-jam donut phase. The family-size blocks of chocolate, the addiction to which there are of course sub-phases; everything from plain … [Read more...]

4 Steps To Perfect Nutrition For Fat loss

You may have seen this image before. It’s the updated food pyramid, now called the food plate. The current ‘rules’ on nutrition tell you to focus on whole grains, low-fat dairy, a small amount of lean protein, and a decent amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you follow mainstream nutrition … [Read more...]

One Secret You May Not Be Doing To Get The Body You Want

When it comes to how you treat your body and how you think about your ability to get the body you want and then also keep it, do you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset? An abundant mindset says that you can work with your body to get results. A scarcity mindset contracts you and tells … [Read more...]

Emotional Eating. This Is The Real Reason You Do It.

The thing with your eating, your emotional eating, is that it is serving you in some way. Whether you realize it or not, you are benefiting from it. It's allowing you to escape, to push down the stress and anxiety about not just your busy day but about how your life is turning out. How you are … [Read more...]

The Secret To Transforming Your Body – Not What You Think

My client Kelly has lost well over 20kg since working with me over the past year. If you saw her pics yesterday you'll agree that she has truly transformed her body and you can see that change just shining out of her. Not just the physical change but just - I don't know - this incredible inner … [Read more...]

5 Quick Tips To Tighten Up FAST!

Are you sure you're doing enough in that 'hot body' quest of yours? Are you truly ticking all the boxes? Are you sure? I mean sure, you do the gym thing. The workout thing at least. You're pretty regular with it too, aren't you? That's something to be proud of. And you eat right, certainly enough … [Read more...]

The Fat Loss Solution. A Live Workshop With Kat. 20 Places Only.

20 places only. Update! Only 3 places left. I'm running a workshop. It's called The Fat Loss Solution. It's about letting the fat girl inside of you finally break free, letting her leave for good. Here's the thing. We all have this inner perception of ourselves. Me, for example, when I'm in the … [Read more...]