A Day In The Office

WEEK 34: ‘A Day In The Office’

  • 7am: 2 boiled eggs, leftover cold haloumi. Long black with cream and cinnamon
  • 9am: green apple
  • 10am: 45 minute circuit workout
  • 11am: 20 BCAAs in lieu of a shake (which I’d forgotten)
  • 12: cold vegetable soup with leftover pan-fried chicken breast
  • 2.30: black coffee with cinnamon, handful of brazil nuts, 1 row of dark chocolate
  • 4pm: more cold veggie soup and chicken
  • 7pm: roast chicken from the chicken shop (Friday night take-out!) with homemade green salad and some organic cheddar cheese
  • 9pm: shared a gluten free chocolate brownie