A Regular Day On The Go

WEEK 19: ‘A Regular Day on the Go’

5.30am: Woman Incredible protein shake, glutamine, green powder and fiber

6am: Long black

7am: Kickboxing (glutamine before and after)

8.20am: 2 boiled eggs, leftover cold haloumi, 100 grams of chicken

9.30am: Long black

10.45am: Baked snapper fillet, green beans, broccolini, and a HEAP of raw celery and cucumber. 2 balls of Labna (yoghurt cheese)

2pm: 25 grams glutamine, 20 grams of Primal Reds powder. Long macchiato

3pm: Weight training. Glutamine, BCAAs, carnitine etc before and after.

4.15pm: 200 grams chicken, more of the earlier veg and salads

7.30pm: 150 grams of pan-fried salmon with broccolini and red cabbage. Glass of organic Shiraz, and 4 squares of 99% cacao dark chocolate