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KICKASS woman entrepreneurs only!

This is about YOU!

Newsflash, gorgeous! –

Did you know that you’re not the only one who thinks the CRAZY shit that you think about business and life? You want it all, and you want it NOW, but better even than that? You know you can HAVE it all if you’re only willing to do the work.

And you are. Because let’s face it, and let’s finally just be goddamn HONEST about who you KNOW you really are even if yeah, honesty might feel a teensy bit arrogant.

You are a LEADER.

You were born to be the best.

You were born to play bigger than big, to go where few women have gone before, and certainly where nobody in the normal world would dare go. To do what most won’t, so that you can live a life they can’t.

You are a DIVA.

Your time is to be nurtured, protected, spent on the $10,000 p/hour work that most entrepreneurs hide from.

Not with your hands in a sink or your time swept up being ‘busy’ in a business that never grows, never quite goes … anywhere.


The 6-figure business that most strive for is not going to cut it for you. It’s a great start, of course. And we all have to start somewhere. With gratitude. But where you’re really headed, goes so damn far beyond 6-figures that the truth is you don’t really dare to talk about it.

But the truth is also, and unavoidably, that you can’t shut down your destiny. You KNOW you were born for more. You know your real dreams scare even you … and will have most around you either scoff, admonish or just plain old not get it.


You are a SELFISH BITCH. Meaning …

You love your family, your partner, your kids, your friends, your life. But you are nothing for any of them, for any of it, if you don’t first do what YOU were sent here to do.

You’re a selfish bitch, and proud of it.

People will deem you a workaholic, obsessed, TOO busy, stressed, wound up, can’t relax, never seems to stop, a crazy superwoman … but really all it is is that you have this fire within you. A fire that says no thanks to the ordinary life. A fire that says no thanks to putting YOUR dreams on the backburner. A fire that says that as much as at times you do beat yourself up for being the woman you can’t help being, tell yourself you ARE selfish, a bad mother, a bad partner, disorganised, irresponsible, messy, can’t focus, constantly following a new idea … you wouldn’t really change any of it.

If right now I could offer you a million dollar home, money set for life, perfectly behaved family, a place of high standing in your community and an entire wardrobe of your favourite things but in exchange you had to give up on your dreams for your business and life?

You’d run like a possessed woman even if in doing so you’d be running back to debt, to uncertainty, to anxiety, to not knowing what’s going to happen next or when it will all work out but knowing for sure that CREATING YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY is the ONLY way you can live. And that you will go through whatever hell you have to go through to make it happen.

You know you can HAVE IT ALL and BE IT ALL but that doesn’t mean you have to DO IT ALL

You are smart enough to know how to spend your time and you’re strong enough to go against what a good mother/wife/woman ‘should’ do.

You are here to carve out a destiny FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF YOURSELF AND OF OTHERS and sometimes? That means people will be pissed off. Offended. Or feel obligated to tell you that you’re wrong.


You’re not here to make the world want you.

And nobody’s buying vanilla.

So you’re going to be you, in full flaming glory, and the RIGHT people can like it (or LOVE it more likely) and the wrong people? Can go find their own revolution. Which is a nice way of saying it.


Not because you don’t get knocked down time and again, not because you don’t at times wonder if you’ll EVER make it, but simply because it’s impossible for you to actually consider. Your mind doesn’t work that way. Give up? Sometimes you wish you could. Except you don’t really. You’d do it all again to know that you get to keep being you and the thing is, the real thing is, that deep within you, you know –

You ARE going to MAKE IT

And when you make it? Holy fuckoli will you make it. You’ll be like a rocket that came out of nowhere. Heads will spin and wonder where the frick you did come from. And yes you will celebrate and yes you will be so damn relieved to finally not have to worry about money anymore, to finally ‘prove yourself’ to the doubters, to your partner, your friends, your Mum, your dog, but most of all MOST of all –


And that is the real thing here. The battle cry you CAN’T ignore.

You know what’s possible.

Even if you can’t SEE it you can FEEL it.

And once you know?

You can’t un-know.

You can play hide and seek with your destiny for a while.

Pretend that ordinary suits you. Pretend even that above average suits you. But really? There’s nothing that will ever meet your needs except giving it your all. And the longer you don’t just ACCEPT that? The more painful everything else in your life becomes. Which means that no matter how damn tough it gets – and GOD does it get tough –


You will grit your teeth.

You will keep pushing.

You will hire support. A cleaner, a housekeeper, childcare support. Whatever you need.

You will state your boundaries to your partner, your peers, yourself.

You will stick to them.

You will create when others are sleeping, when others are whiling their life away at the 9-5. You will launch when not ready, forego the perfect website/logo/image/whatever to get your message out there. You will act on new ideas where others let them gather dust.

You will see the earliest hours, and the latest hours, you will tear your hair out and cry and scream and laugh and share and keep. on. going. no matter what, because what this is really about is that –


You know that the only way POSSIBLE to fail? Is giving up.

And giving up? Is not an option.

Success will be yours.

On your terms.

Wealth will be yours.

On your terms.

Joy will be yours.

On your terms.

Being known will be yours.

On your terms.

And come at you as the world may, try to tear you down, tell you it’s not possible, send you message after message that you should just go ahead and quit and get a job selling pretty stationary?

You can’t.

And you won’t.

You are a WARRIOR.



And you can NOT back down.

If ALL of this is you and you KNOW it deep down to be true but yet for whatever reason you’re not THERE yet –

You don’t have the money you want –

The business COMPLETELY on your terms –

The LIFE completely as you desire –

And you are ready to step RIGHT on up and change all of that NOW, and you would love to be told EXACTLY what to do and EXACTLY how to DO it, so that you can FINALLY embrace the life you are MEANT to be living?

Then, welcome. You’ve found your new home.


I help kickass women entrepreneurs just like you, women who know they can HAVE it all, to go out and TAKE it all.

This community, this tribe?

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

But you know what? Neither is life.

And the truth is that yours, your life? It’s going to pass anyway. So it may as well pass starting NOW by being completely on your terms.


This is all about you.

My mission is to inspire, motivate, empower and where necessary PUSH you to get on out there and create the business and the LIFE of your dreams.

I know that you CAN.


And I know that YOU know you can.

Yes, fully.

So together? We’re going to make it happen.

But I have to warn you …

My style is somewhat out there. I’m not gonna hold back on saying what I think. I may very well call you on your sh*t … often. And if I think you’re limiting your ability to create what you WANT to create and CAN create then I’ll be coming down on you like a ton of bricks. Loving bricks, but still. You can get a bit more of an idea of how I can help you by checking out these popular posts.

First, make sure you OFFICIALLY join our community by filling your details in just below. Oh, and if you want to know more about ME, scroll down.


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About Kat

Professional Bio

Kat Loterzo helps driven and BIG dreaming women leaders to design the business and life of their dreams and live from a place of purpose, passion and flow. Kat’s special gift is in inspiring, motivating and empowering women who already know they can HAVE it all to get out there and TAKE it all, completely on their terms!

Kat is a best-selling author and an internationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur and coach, as well as founder of The Rich Chick Business Mastermind, Rich Chick Coaching Certification, Business Smackdown Intensive and Elite Private Mastermind “The Society of Women Who Dream Big and Make Shit Happen”. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Kat now travels the world living the laptop life and writing and speaking daily to her online tribe.

Kat is a busy Mum to 2 children under 5 and understands what it’s like to have crazy-ass big dreams and a burning desire to leave your mark on the world whilst also being able to stop and enjoy it all!

Kat’s “Selfish Bitch Revolution” was born from a desire to show women that it’s okay to want your life, your way, and that NOW is the time to step up and say YES to truly pressing play on your dreams.

Connect with Kat and download her free best-selling Amazon book “The Push: The Rich Chicks Guide to Being Mother-Freaking Exceptional, a Superwoman, the 1% and Okay With It” at https://katloterzo.com.


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