Another Lazy Sunday

WEEK 30: ‘Another Lazy Sunday’

Most of us eat differently on the weekend. It’s fine to eat a meal or two less than normal, as you may be sitting around more and/or you might find yourself eating larger meals than normal.

Here is an example of a lazy Sunday for me –

  • 6am: Okay so not so lazy, I still set the alarm for 5.30am 7 days a week, and usually wake before it. I like to have the start of the day just to me. The rest of the day is definitely lazy though! Anyway, I had a Nespresso black coffee with cream and cinnamon, and a Woman Incredible Casein Protein shake. It’s good to vary from whey now and then. Unusually for me I had no leftover meat in the house, hence the protein shake as I didn’t want to wake anyone up by cooking at that time!
  • I did some journalling for quite a while and then 45 minutes of yoga and meditation in the back garden.
  • 8.45am: Finally woke my lazy toddler up as I was getting bored. Official breaky – we shared 3 fried eggs, half a block of haloumi, and 2 pieces of leftover bacon, reheated. Cooked in coconut oil so very filling as quite high in fat.
  • 11.45am: Went to the ‘chocolate cafe’ and had a strong 3/4 latte with a free mini dark choccie on the side 🙂
  • 12.30: back home – 2 coconut oil pan fried lamb chops, plus one steamed zucchini
  • 2pm: 1/2 of a Loving Earth chocolate heart
  • 4pm: One more lamb chop, plus some of my homemade trail mix. See this week’s recipe!
  • 6.30pm: 1/2 a gluten free organic sausage, one large piece of grilled chicken breast, 3 homemade sweet potato fries (made mainly for Enzo and Alyssa for today), some steamed carrot and zucchini
  • 9pm: gave into an evening snack which I haven’t done for a while! I had a small bowl of almond butter, some frozen raspberries and cream.