Beat The Winter Bulge

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If you’re sick of struggling to eat right when it’s cold, dark and you just don’t feel like it …

If you’ve lost your motivation for training or just want a simpler solution you can do from home OR the gym …

If you’re ‘doing all the right things’ but still can’t kick that evil sneaky muffin top …

And if you want to once and for all clear yourself of the CRAP you talk that holds you back …

It’s time to Beat the Winter Bulge!

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Expires: This Monday July 1


Hi beautiful,

Is there seriously anything worse than working your BUTT off all through the warmer sunny months, feeling supercharged, motivated and empowered to kick some serious muffin top ass, only to find that as winter creeps up on you, you slowly but surely start to re-embrace those extra layers?

Good news! Until Monday July 1 you can get instant access to my entire library of my most popular fast fat loss books and programs at a one-off crazy price.

Are You Ready to Beat the Winter Bulge?

Beat the Winter Bulge is a full ‘everything you need’ bundle of my most popular ebooks and programs. It’s literally everything you need to take BACK control of your body, your training, your habits – even your thoughts – so that you can effortlessly coast through winter in your best shape ever.

And wouldn’t that be nice for a change?!

You will not find a more comprehensive bundle of goodies out there. And my existing clients will tell you just what a great one-time deal this is!

It’s Time to Shake Up those Winter Body Blahs!

I promise you that I have only included my best and most popular rapid fat-loss programs. No info overload here! Just hard hitting ‘what to dos’ and ‘how to do it’ so that you can start shifting that muffin top TODAY.

In case you’re new to what I do, I’ve developed a reputation for being one of Australia’s top female fat loss coaches. I’ve even been called Australia’s Female Fat Loss Queen, and am making a name for myself around the world as someone who gets serious results, fast.

It’s not uncommon for women who work with me to drop as much as 2 dress sizes in 7-10 days. And long after people complete my programs they email me to tell me how happy they are to keep the weight off.

Women love what I teach them because not only do they get rapid results in a sane way, but because I get inside their heads. I get to the heart of self doubt, sabotage and fear. And I show you how to deal with the sh*t once and for all.

I promise I won’t get inside your head in a creepy way … !

As a Mum who has struggled with her own weight in the past (despite being a personal trainer and nutrition coach) I know what it’s like to get incredibly down and, well, pissed off at herself for not being able to get a handle on things. That’s exactly why I created this bundle.

I’ve taken all my best tricks, tips and step-by-step proven strategies so that you can finally shed the extra layers and keep them off – effortlessly and for good!

Here’s What Your Beat the Winter Bulge Bundle includes:

  • My Fat Loss Workouts ebook and video program. Take the confusion out of your training and finally get results! My training plan gives you over 12 months worth of video + written training programs for home or gym, from beginner to gym queen! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about training, including the nutrition + motivation/mindset side, and you’ll learn exactly how to train for maximum fat loss and body sculpting. Want to know more? Have a peek at the Training Plan details page. And receive 4 FREE bonuses when you grab yours today! Normally $149!
  • My book ‘Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed’. This book is my first ever ebook and is a ‘choose your own adventure’ approach to weight loss and health. You’ll start by filling out a series of short questionnaires designed to highlight where YOU most need to focus. The book covers nutrition, mindset, motivation, lifestyle, stress, digestion and MUCH more. Click here to read about the book and my own transformation story. Normally $37.
  • My blueprint guide ‘How to Be That Girl’.  You want to know why you really don’t get results despite doing everything right? In this blueprint guide I share my personal story of overcoming fear, self doubt and sabotage in order to finally reach my dreams. I became ‘that girl’ and you can too. Valued at $17.


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It is quite literally, everything you need to kick that muffin top and belly spread in the butt and take back control!

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Beat That Winter Bulge!

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 Plus! I am also throwing in my Overcome Emotional Eating Podcast, which has helped hundreds of women to put binge and emotional eating behind them. This podcast is based exactly on my own personal experience at what it’s really like to battle binge eating. It works.

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Life is Now. Press Play!
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PS I can’t wait to help you!

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