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muffin-bellyBioSignature goes beyond standard body fat testing and reveals your personalized blueprint for faster fat loss. It’s scientific SPOT REDUCTION!

  • Melt down fat on your thighs and hips
  • Tighten up belly flab and ‘batwings’
  • Learn the secrets to long-term weight loss success
  • Notice performance and strength improve rapidly

Have you ever noticed that your body has an annoying habit of constantly storing fat in certain areas? And not just any old certain areas, but generally the ones you’d particularly like to slim down, right? Pretty annoying, isn’t it? Especially when on those occasions you finally do manage to lose some weight, it just doesn’t seem to shift as fast from your ‘trouble spots’.

Want to know the good news? This is not your body’s way of fighting against you. Quite, the opposite, in fact. Body fat gravitates toward certain areas due to specific and individualized hormonal imbalance, and when you just can’t seem to shift that blubber it’s your body’s way of sending you a message.

Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know. Where you store your fat is a direct indication of how healthy and balanced your hormones are. With Biosignature Modulation we can ascertain exactly why your body is the way it is – and start to immediately do something about it.

Biosignature Modulation is a highly specific and science based approach to hormone assessment, and is the ONLY truly individualized approach to lasting body fat reduction and exceptional health.


“Hi Kat. Just wanted to touch base with you on Day 10 of the Programme…. I FEEL AMAAAAZING!!! The first week was really hard with my workload, but, as you said, my energy would start to pick up after Day 7…and now I’m wondering why I wasn’t on this programme earlier…. It’s like a veil has lifted… I have clarity, energy, renewed strength in my workouts and most importantly, my mind-set has shifted in terms of training and eating. I now enjoy training again- and eating has become exciting, I’m saving money in the long-run because the plan is structured!!! In short- life is good…. not that I was out of whack, but this plan has just provided some well needed insight and BALANCE!!! Just thought that you should know, plus to date- I’ve lost 3kg- not bad for ten days work- so *thanks* for providing the tools. Hear from you soon- thanks again for getting me back on track. I’m a big fan!”

J 😉 Actor and singer

So What Exactly Is Biosignature Modulation?

BioSignature Modulation was developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. After working with athletes for 30 years (including Olympic medalists in over 10 different sports) Charles noticed repeated correlations between lab-based hormonal changes and site-based body fat changes. The beginnings of BioSignature were born.

Charles went on to develop BioSignature Modulation as it is known today and began training a select group of practitioners world-wide in its systems and protocols.

When you undertake a BioSignature assessment you will be provided with detailed information about your hormonal system, your nutritional requirements, your capacity to deal with stress, and the optimal pathways you need to take in order to restore ideal health and get the beach body back on track.

For example, the thickness of a person’s umbilical skin fold (your gut) is a direct reflection of cortisol (the stress hormone) output. A relatively fat midsection indicates stress levels are high and/or the ability to handle stress is low. The good news is that 1) it’s not your fault and, 2) it can be changed.

Knowing these sort of traits allows me as your BioSignature practitioner to put steps in place to not only reduce overall body fat levels and restore optimal health, but to actually target and spot reduce trouble areas.

The result of your BioSIgnature assessment is improved performance in ALL areas of your life – physical, mental, and intellectual. By following your personal plan, you will emerge leaner, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic.


Exactly What Does Your Biosignature Assessment Involve?

Your initial Biosignature Modulation consultation takes approximately an hour and a half and includes a comprehensive assessment of your hormonal balance, your general wellbeing (energy, digestion, patterns), your lifestyle, your exercise and nutrition habits, and your exposure to certain types of stress.

This includes assessment of the following hormones:
• Stress hormones
• Insulin
• Androgens (testosterone) and Growth Hormones
• Thyroid
• Estrogen

You will also receive an assessment of your current Body Fat Composition, which is your ratio of lean muscle to body fat.


“I was a little bit skeptical at first as working in the fitness industry I come across lots of fads and garbage “get big quick” or “lose fat fast” promo garbage. I was surprised and pleased to find then the Biosignature method that I used through Katrina worked really well for me. It helped me drop from 26% body fat to 18% in 12 weeks while maintaining my weight. Katrina has a wealth of knowledge that really helped me out and the supplements she recommends are second to none and I would stake my reputation on that. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone who is serious about getting results.”

A. Scarborough, Personal Trainer

Will I Have To Go On A Special Diet?

As far as diet, I don’t prescribe a diet as in a short-term diet. I do look at lifestyle dietary changes for your individual needs. Depending on the way you currently eat that can be very detailed, or not too detailed at all. I ask for 5 days Food Diary sent to me before you come in. The dietary recommendations that I give are all geared toward creating optimal health, weight and energy, and that’s a long-term change (well, that’s how most people like to see it!)

Do I Have To Exercise To Get Results With BioSignature?

You will still get results if you don’t exercise, but they will be noticeably slower. Appropriate training is recommended when you attend your first session, starting with 3 times per week for beginners. Your training might be something you prefer to do alone, or you might like to book some Personal Training appointments with me in order to ensure you’re 100% on the right track.

What Will You Take Away From Your Session?

A good BioSignature Practitioner is a body composition specialist who is skilled at reading the messages your body is sending and then translating those messages into information that’s both useful and easy-to-apply for YOU.

Every element of your BioSignature assessment is completed to exact specifications and therefore results in a highly individualized outcome. You will be given strategies and protocols that are results-based and geared exactly to your body’s requirements. You may have personal goals such as gaining muscle size, improving definition, or perhaps ridding yourself of digestive upset, and these are also taken into account.

You will receive detailed information on how to take back control of your biochemistry, your hormones, your aesthetics, and, in fact, your life. Examples of what we will go through include:

  • A detailed explanation of your hormonal profile and how this is affecting your health and physique
  • Your personalised nutritional requirements
  • Any supplementation requirements
  • Overall lifestyle recommendations
  • Basic exercise recommendations for your biosignature profile

Of course this is just the beginning – your progress will be managed every step of the way and you’ll be fully supported in your quest for a new you.

Do I Have To Take Supplements?

Supplements will be recommended based on your individual hormonal profile. I’ll first test you for some basic deficiencies related to your digestion and nutrient absorption, and will give you an initial supplement pack to complete these tests. There is no extra charge for this. Additional supplements may be taken to speed up your fat loss results, and full details of these will be given to you. Most people incorporate some supplements into their plan and find that this maximizes their success.

Your Investment

Please contact me here for my current BioSignature and Personal Training prices.


“Well I am on track I hardly eat junk foods anymore no Maccas or anything like that, I don’t drink soft drink, and I’ve been doing my resistance exercises 4 times a week. I have lost cms already and overall I am happy with the way I am going and I have started to get my period back, just going slow and steady. I gained 2 kilos over Christmas but I have lost it again, and am now back into it. My aim is just to lose 1 kilo a week now. I’m very rarely hungry eating the way you told me too, all in all I think I’m going well, I get compliments on my face air and eyes etc, so I’m very happy!”

Name withheld, child care worker

“Today was day 7 of my detox, haven’t been this long without sugar for a long time, so am feeling very proud of myself! It hasn’t really been that awful, I’ve been dominating my food plan and supplements, so it’s kind of all been taken care of for me. I’m feeling a lot better already, cravings haven’t disappeared but they’re improving, and I’m just waiting them out, and noticing them rather than letting them freak me out. My skin is looking quite amazing, and I’m all debloated. Digestion is a lot better too. Apart from that, everything else is going quite well. I’m noticing that I’m looking much more athletic lately, and have definitely got leaner which makes me happy. Actually I’m pretty excited about how much weight I’ve lost. I’m back in my London jeans now- jeans I bought when i was living in London and too poor to eat properly and had a very Kate moss-esque lifestyle. Not the healthiest period of my life to romanticise, but I’m back in my amazing jeans now so that’s all that matters :)”

Claire, Student

And then a few weeks later, more from Claire –

“I’ve lost heaps of weight. Like really enough to notice, and all these clothes that I have had in my ‘cant wait to wear’ pile are fitting me one by one. I haven’t weighed myself, but have been measuring all my bits, and am losing centimetres from all the places I want to. It’s pretty motivating, as you can imagine. and yeah my training is going really well. It’s making a huge difference. Thanks again for your encouragement, will be in touch again soon :)”

So How Long Will It Take For You To See Results?

As you can imagine, that depends on the individual. Factors such as your willingness to follow instructions are certainly paramount to success, but so are some things which may be outside of your control. For example, the type and duration of your hormonal imbalance, how much and what type of exercise you can do, lifestyle and stress issues, and your ability to access and prepare whole food.

In my professional experience and judging from the feedback of practitioners I’ve spoken to world-wide, 99% of clients see positive results within 12 weeks and most within as little as a few days. To give you a further idea, I’ve had clients lose as much as 9% body fat in 4 weeks, or get back into a pair of jeans from years back in as little as 5 weeks. These are actual examples.


Will You Need To Come Back?

This is very much down to the individual and is something we’d discuss in the first session. Many people see me weekly (for both this and Personal Training), but even if that’s not an option, most people come back for a follow up after 3-4 weeks – it’s exciting to note their progress!

What Are Doctors Saying About BioSignature Modulation?

“BioSignature is one of the most advanced noninvasive methods available to rapidly and accurately identify insulin resistance and cardiovascular risks. This allows for onsite effective medical treatment decisions.”
Dr. Mark Houston MD,MS,FACP,FAHA
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Director, Hypertension Institute, Saint Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee

“BioSignature is a revolutionary tool for the clinician who wants to individualize metabolic healing by designing protocols that have the greatest success.”
Dr. Suzanne Mack, M.D., North Texas Institute of Functional Medicine.

“BioSignature offers a rapid assessment tool of one’s hormonal health to individualize and monitor the patient’s protocols to achieve optimal metabolic health. It combines the best of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western medical systems has to offer to the patient.”
Dr. Abbas Qutab, M.D., D.C., N.D., D. Ac.

How To Organize Your Biosignature Consultation

Simply contact me right now via email.

Ask Yourself This

Where do you want to be one month from now? A little heavier, a little more spread out, and a little more disillusioned, or slimmer, sexier, confident, in control, and happy? The results I’ve had in using BioSignature have been nothing short of amazing. Aren’t you worth giving this a shot?

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This piece, titled ‘What Your Body Fat Says About You And How You Can Change That Message’ gives you an informative and entertaining introduction to the practice of hormonal profiling, otherwise known as BioSignature Modulation, and created by Charles Poliquin.

Debunking myths is always a fun thing. Everyone is interested in a challenge and standing out from the crowd, so today we will kick off a series of articles where we turn around preconceived notions of spot reduction (the dropping of body fat from one specific area of the body) and optimal body composition, and instead of supposedly leaving things to fate and resigning ourselves to the hand we were always told that we were dealt, look at how we can regain control of our bodies and radically improve our physiques and athletic performance through optimal hormonal modulation – improving your physique and your health by improving your own hormonal profile.

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And remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



That’s right, yet more testimonials from happy clients!

“I believed I was doing everything I could do, to increase my fitness, lower excess fat and develop strength through regular exercise and through eating organic food. Kat introduced BioSignature and talked about the impact of hormones in performance based on the work of Charles Poliquin. Despite being sceptical, I agreed to go on the program, as I’ve benefited considerably from Kat’s advice and support and over the past few years. Whilst initially, I didn’t like the idea of taking supplements, I did like the idea that the program promised to bridge the gap from where I was with my health to where I wanted to go. After approximately 10 days, I started to feel like I was more alive and shortly after that I started to feel like I had better reserves of energy to draw upon.

Now about 4 months after completing the program I approach training from a completely different perspective. Whereas before I would hope I had enough energy to finish a training session, now I look forward to actually smashing sessions and still have energy for more! So much so that my personal trainer had to slot in extra exercises at the end of the session because I was getting through the original routines more quickly. In short, more quality workout in less time. My weight has stayed the same, but its clear I’ve lost the love handles and my core, chest, shoulders have broadened, strengthened and now have clearer definition. I keep fit so I can enjoy my busy life, an investment, and not drag my frame to the end of the day only to struggle out of bed the next morning the next day, which was the norm before the program. Now, I have physical, emotional and mental energy all throughout the day, after literally springing out of bed in the morning right til bed time – its phenomenal and I’d never thought it possible before now. I’m 40 and literally feel like I have the energy level of my 20’s. If someone is reading this and not sure, I would say try the program and let your body decide, its definitely an investment in health that over delivers return on investment.”

R. White, Solutions Development Manager, Origin Energy

“I was feeling sluggish, bloated, constipated, my clothes weren’t fitting, I was always hungry and something needed to be done! I had come across Kat Eden’s Body Incredible website and began reading, thoroughly enjoying, and looking forward to the next post. Kat really knew what she was talking about, so after some reading of the BioSignature modulation I booked an appointment. Within just one week after my appointment I was noticeably less bloated, energised and no more constipation, I couldn’t believe it, I had tried so many other ways in the past. I always feel satisfied now, and the foods are all foods I actually love to eat, I am giving my body exactly what it needs. It has surprised me how easy it was. Now it is simply just how I eat. At first Kat kept in contact with me weekly, always replied to my questions in a timely manner, there were even some late night text messages when I needed some advice. I am so happy I made this step to meet with Kat, and we are still keeping in contact, she is always available for advice. It has made such a huge difference to my life, I haven’t felt this good in a long long time. Thanks Kat, you are a lifesaver :)”

Mel Heard, Mother

Kat’s BioSignature Modulation Practice

My BioSignature Modulation practice is currently operating out of my South Melbourne office. To learn more about determining your unique BioSignature hormonal profile, please contact me here. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Woman Incredible posts on taking control of your hormones, your weight and your health through BioSignature Modulation.