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If you want to tap in to your soul purpose work, and unleash what’s truly inside of you, then the most critical change you can make to your environment is to eliminate or otherwise extricate yourself from being around anybody who THINKS too much.

In fact, when it comes to being a CREATOR, a MESSENGER, a revolutionary fucking LEADER, the less thinking the better, and preferably, none.

If your soul isn’t firmly nodding YES at this concept, and wanting to know more, be AFFIRMED more, with what it already knows to be true, then trust me:

You’ll never get it.

You should leave.

I can’t help or save you.

I don’t want to try.


Still here?

Okay then, this:

The work, the true work, the DEEP work, the work which when you fall into it you know is THE work, this work comes when you put ASIDE any notion of logic or sense or reason.

It doesn’t give a hoot about what everybody else is doing, that’s for sure! In fact, it will actively run in the opposite DIRECTION of, or at the very least look with disdain, upon what everybody else is doing; thinks they must.

Oh, you think that in order to build a tribe you need to do THAT, jump through hoops like THIS, manipulate or attempt to arm twist like THAT??

How …


What, you actually believe that launching or selling online requires you to take people through STEPS? To build a PROCESS? To mathematically somehow decide when to deliver value vs when to make your offer?

How very …

Low class.

But also –

Poor you. That you must be so 2D, so Kindergarten, so join the dots, about it. It must be so exhausting, all that thinking and planning and hoping, that if you do it just right, it works.

– Says your soul when in conversation with the soul of another artist.

(Side note: I think your soul and mine were up to some PRETTY interesting stuff the last few nights. Rascals!)

As an artist, a true messenger, one who knows their work is POWERFUL and UNIQUE and MUST, come out, we look to the actions and beliefs of Those Who Think and Join Dots, and something within us shrinks away.


Can’t even.


Because deep within where we DON’T think, we just know:

What we have inside of us is real.

Is powerful beyond MEASURE.

Scares even US.

And ultimately, no matter which way we try to justify or excuse or not be READY, MUST.COME.OUT.

If we don’t allow it, continue to repress it, well –

That does not bode well.

Not for those around us.

And not for us.

Destruction, self-sabotage, despair, become the norm, when the soul of an artist is trapped in the body of one who has bought into the SYSTEM, of what it TAKES, to SUCCEED.

Can I ask you something?

Are you being that person? The latter? The one who is so desperately trying to find the right rules to follow online, so valiantly trying to join dots and build processes and do it RIGHT, so they FOLLOW and BUY, when deep within you just fucking KNOW –

It’s not going to be like this baby.

And even if it were, if this HAD to be the path to a million bucks and beyond, the truth is I JUST CAN’T BEAR TO DO IT.

I feel like I’m DYING.

And my soul is CRYING.

And it’s time to stop fucking LYING, to myself, and buying in to this BULLSHIT STORY that in order to be seen and heard I have to MANUFACTURE ATTENTION.

You KNOW how to be seen and heard.

You were BORN knowing.

You were born FOR it, as well.

And it sure as shit ain’t gonna be by following what those who are NOT you are doing, is it, no matter how tried and tested it might be, how much it’s the ‘done thing’.

Deep inside of you, where you REALLY need to look more often, the answer is simple, and the same as it’s always been:

Admit what’s inside of you.

Let that shit out.

Don’t filter it, edit it, nor ask it to PERFORM for you, or even make you money.

Just open your mouth.

Open your heart.

Open your soul.

Be the fucking VESSEL.

And let the art?

Be the fucking art.

I know that they brought you up to think that the more you think, the more you can win at life.

But tell me:

Are THEY the ones whose idea of winning you want to follow?

Are they even winning at their own game?

What if your entire perception of life was based around the fact that your SOLE MISSION AND PURPOSE was to look within –

Listen within –

And let the fuck out.

What you find.


What if you knew that the road to WEALTH and even to being seen and heard was simply to DECIDE it will be SO; that those markers of success like MONEY and FAME come about when you simply CHOOSE them and ASSUME them as your norm, and that as far as what you need to DO each day, it’s literally.




What if you knew –

That the reason everyone out there –

Needs to THINK so God damn much –

Is that they WEREN’T BORN TO PAVE A NEW WAY. To create something that’s never been created before. To be famous for being THEM.


And what if you trusted –

Just trusted –

That all you need to do each day –

Is wake up –

Get up –

And show the fuck up.

For flow.

For art.

For the crazy.

For random.

For whatever.

The fuck.

Feels like bubbling out of you.


Do you think you could trust in being you, if you deep down knew it’s the ONLY way?

Your answer is the way you’re living your life already gorgeous.

You might say that one day you’re going to go all in, do what you can’t NOT, unLEASH, but really –

There’s a reason we call it 1% within the 1%. Mathematically, it’s very likely you will NEVER.

So stop teetering on the fucking edge, wondering whether to say yes to your SOUL, your ART, the whole REASON, you came here.

And remember:

Life is Now. Press Fucking Play.


PS It’s fucking HERE …!

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Interested? Awesome!

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Even though coaching is in your blood and you just can’t help yourself, you are a CREATOR and MESSENGER first and foremost. You believe there is something inside of you which must come out.

You are actively already PUTTING IT OUT, in some way shape or form. This is critical as I have no interest in training people how to be kick ass coaches simply by imprinting my own beliefs or systems! You need to already be owning that your message and art / work impacts people, but now you want to know how to get it – and you! – out there in a bigger way, as well as to learn from somebody who has a multi 7-figure PURPOSE driven online coaching business, about how best to COMMUNICATE the message within and also, sell it.

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About the Investment + How to Apply

Application is via Facebook Messenger only, and in the form of a 2-minute video from you explaining why this is for you. In that video I’d like you to also share what the message is which you most want to impact the world with. This does not need to be some kind of fancy professional video! The quicker your application gets in the better.

From there, if it’s a fit, I’ll give you a bit more ‘what to expect’ info on the program, and also run through investment details.

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