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Are you ready to start dreaming BIGGER than big and then doing what it takes to bring those dreams to life?! Silly question, right – of course you are or you wouldn’t be here!

I want to tell you how damn proud I am of you for being here. I know that as a fellow driven woman while I constantly push myself to create my dreams it can also be scary to actually do so! So well done to you for being willing to do the work – you’re going to just love what’s in store for you!

Here’s what happens next –


In the next 0-15 minutes you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration.

I will not be able to email you and ‘let you in’ or give you any info prior to our start date, unless you click that link. Once you do, you’ll receive a welcome email from me. And then as we get closer to our start day you’ll receive a ‘what to expect’ email. If you can’t find the email please look in your spam or junk folder, and if you still can’t find it please shoot us an email at support@katloterzo.com. Just a tip … our numbers shows that 80% of people who actually follow through to receive their content click that link in the first 5 minutes of receiving it.

This means that if you don’t look for it now you may just forget … it’s pretty unlikely you’ll forget totally as you’ve paid to be here, but it will be a bit of a frustration for you not knowing why you’re not getting any info!

What to expect as a Dream Life Academy Bootcamp Beauty … apart from some major dream life creation as well!

As you know the bootcamp begins on Monday February 24th, and that’s also the day you’ll receive your Week One materials and access to our private Facebook mastermind.

Each week we will have a live coaching call, which will take place on a Tuesday night at 7.30pm QLD time. You’ll receive details of the first call in your Week One email; all you’ll need to be on the call is a phone and/or internet connection.

The week prior to beginning you’ll receive an email from me inviting you to set up your membership. Please email support@katloterzo.com if you don’t receive this email by the Friday before we begin! Check your spam or junk mail first, just in case 🙂

A suggestion –

Before we do begin, I’d like to invite you to start thinking about what you most want to get out of working with me in the Dream Life Academy Online Bootcamp. I encourage you to journal about this, write lists if you like of all the things you do want to work on, and basically just get in the habit of letting the thoughts out of your head!

It’s going to be a powerful and transformative ride, and one that you’re going to love every minute of; yep even the moments when we do need to deal with fear, self doubt, self sabotage and ‘what if’. I say that because I know what it feels like to push past my own uncertainties and even though it can feel awful it really does also feel great. Great to know that you are finally taking control of your life and insisting on living it on your terms.

So without further ado, here’s to you!

To quitting the BS. Getting over your sh*t. And finally living the life you damn well know you deserve.

Let’s do this!

Life is Now. Press Play.

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