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I ran a workshop in September. It was about letting the fat girl inside of you finally break free, letting her leave for good.

Here’s the thing.

We all have this inner perception of ourselves.

Me, for example, when I’m in the gym I see myself as strong. I expect to be stronger than other girls training around me, I expect to recover faster as well. To be fitter, fittest. I expect even to be stronger than myself the last time! And when I am, it comes as no surprise. After all, I expected nothing less. It’s just part of who I am.

who are you?

How do you see yourself, really?

Do you see a woman who others admire for her devotion to clean health and fitness? Do you see a woman who is lean, fit, healthy, confident? Able to let go and let her hair down guilt free end always easily able to rebound back into shape if she does go off track on the odd occasion?

Or do you see a woman who can never quite get there? Who doesn’t have what it takes? Who just can’t beat the urge to emotionally eat, to yoyo back and forth with her health, her weight, her sanity?

Do you see a fat girl, a fat YOU, who is just never going to go away?

what you see is what you get

Whatever you think about yourself, whatever you believe the real truth of who you are to be, will become your reality.

It’s why you can eat clean for days or even weeks on end and then cave and binge.

It’s why you self sabotage at night after a perfect day.

It’s why you just can’t seem to break the physical barriers you know you’re capable of.

It’s why that final 5 finds its way back to your ass no matter how many times you manage to get rid of the darn thing.

It’s why, for as long as you believe it to be true, you WILL continue to make yourself into the fat girl you see yourself as. In whatever form that means to you, and I know you understand what I mean in using that term.

it’s time to get the inner you looking and feeling damn fine!

You don’t need the nuts and bolts at this stage, do you?

You don’t need to know any more tricks or twists on the perfect clean eating diet. It’s always interesting to read about and even try new ideas on Paleo eating, on how to get lean, but let’s be honest.

You know what it takes, for the most part.

The problem is not knowledge.

The problem is you just cant seem to damn well follow through!

Overcome Emotional Eating for Life with my Home Study videos and Workbook!

I’ve fought bulimia and won. I’ve fought binge eating and won. I’ve spent years going back and forth on overeating, on trying to feel in control by using food to deal, on yoyo-ing weight and an even deeper yoyo-ing of body image.

I’ve done the counseling, the therapy, read the books, filled dozens of journals and hundreds of tissues.

I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and thought, with near exhaustion and the question of whether I shouldn’t just give up hovering –

“Will I ever get there? Will I ever be that girl?”

And I did. I am.

But it took years. Hundreds of dollars in therapy. Day after day after week after week after month after year where I wondered if I’d ever break through.

In the end, all of the therapy and counseling and the reading all helped. Of course.

But what it really came down to for me, what caused me to eventually develop a system for once and for all kicking my inner fat girls butt, and what has allowed me to do the same with the women I privately coach and successful help break through is this –

You have to be aligned

with being lean.

Fit. Truly healthy.


And you can be.

My system works on overcoming even the deepest set beliefs on how you see yourself.

And in my Overcome Emotional Eating Workshop Recordings I will, for the first time, reveal my ‘kick your inner fat girls butt’ system.

what my girls are saying about the home study videos and workbook

As you know I’ve struggled with this for nearly 7 months now! I think the emotional side has been (surprisingly) huge for me and I never saw it until you made me aware.

Katrina Tuscano

Kat is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She completely changed my outlook on life and how I should look after myself. I now train, eat and live life in a way that makes me truly grateful for who I am. I treat my body like a temple, and I reap the rewards from it every day. Thanks a million Kat 🙂

Kelly Frangeskakis, Private client of Kat’s

You know, Kat, I think the greatest thing is that I know you have walked in my shoes. You have experienced the highs and lows of striving for a “certain” physique and battled your demons, and achieved the balance that is needed for it not to be an obsession. On my challenging days and moments I draw strength from knowing that I am not alone, but that I have someone that I can lean on and learn from to make my journey not so bumpy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. You are helping me realise that I can achieve all of my dreams in a healthy, happy, balanced way and have fun doing it without being obsessed, and this is a great thing. You give so honestly and passionately and I only wish that many, many more women can connect with you, learn from you, and grow with you. Thanks again, you truly are my inspiration.

Lisa Quine, Woman Incredible reader and VIP member

what we will be covering

  • We will get into the heart of your deepest beliefs about yourself.
  • Where they came from and how to delete and replace them. The stuff that has held you back, bound you and kept you trapped; perhaps without you even realising it.
  • I’ll teach you the world renowned program I use (free and easy to learn) that literally resets your beliefs about yourself and aligns you for success.
  • We will be covering binge and emotional eating in detail. What it’s really about for you and how to break free of it for life.
  • We will talk body image, and what you really want. Openly and with no judgement, and only if you want to share of course. I’ll show you how to reprogram your thoughts for success, for confident, for creating the body and the life you want in a way that you can believe in, trust, and get results from.
  • I’ll help you discover your deepest dreams. Your purpose, your passion, your ‘why’. The stuff that you need to create in your life in order to let go of that pressure; that urge. I’ll show you how to make it happen as well.

Other things we will cover include control issues, self-sabotage, self-punishment, setting goals for your body that work, and how to stay on track in your crazy-stressful-yet-ultimately-by-design life.

We will be doing transformation exercises, live work, belief changing, imprinting, and much more.

what you can expect to learn and keep with you

What you can expect is to completely change the way you see yourself, and therefore to effortlessly start taking the daily actions to meet your goal.

To emotionally and physically let go of that last bit of baggage.

You’ll find you stay on track without the ‘urge’ building up, that the emotional ties to food begin to break down and disappear.

You will find yourself living with more joy, more certainty, more confidence. And more of that damn fine body that’s waiting to come out.

The pressure, the need to escape will slowly dissolve and fade away.

You will identify more of your purpose, your passion, your ‘why’ then you’ve ever previously been able to. You will have a clear and defined plan of how to create that dream life, with the dream body as part of it.

You will walk out completely empowered, confident, and certain that you are finally going to let go of this thing. And you will let go of it.

Module One  – Dream Body + Life Plan.

Assessing exactly where you are at now both inside and out, and looking at what you want your body, life, and relationship with food and your body to be. This is where we really find your ‘why’; your deep and often well-hidden motivation for creating lasting change and living your dream life within your dream body.

In this section we will also cover the truth about binge eating, emotional eating + self-sabotage or self-punishment. This is where you will really get to understand yourself, why this has been part of who you are and where it stems from. This is an incredibly motivating part of the day as you realise – perhaps for the first time ever – that you can and will let go of this thing that has bound and consumed you.

Module Two – Your Breakthrough.

Bringing up old memories and beliefs; the things that – often without you realising – have contributed to you developing a fear-based and self-sabotage based relationship with food and your body. This is the most powerful section of the day. It’s where you uncover the true reasons for your patterns and the way you think about yourself. When you have your breakthrough moment you will seriously feel like you’ve had a bucket of cold water thrown over you. It’s like the biggest lightbulb moment ever, and it is deeply transformative to realise that your patterns are often nothing more than a response to long-ago imprinted beliefs. For most people, the breakthrough moment brings up something so obvious that you can’t believe it never hit you before. It is always my favourite part of the coaching work I do with clients, as I see people realise that it’s not their fault and that they can change.

Module Three – Overcoming Old Beliefs, Creating A New You.

We will learn the world-renowned system that instantly works on changing old beliefs and imprinting new ones. This is where you get to choose who you want to be from here on out, where you get to finally let that fat girl inside of you go for good. We will reprogram your thoughts for success, love, abundance and happiness. You’ll learn how to use this technique on your own, every day and even in public without anyone knowing, so that anytime fear or self-sabotage rears its head you can instantly deal with it.

Module Four – Your Message To The Universe. Plus A Whole Lot Of Loving.

How to step back into your life and deal with your life without letting yourself be once-again bound by food and fear. You will learn how to easily become motivated by the outcomes you want to create in your life, and how to set even the biggest and scariest goals about your body without every again having to worry about following through or not sabotaging. We will cover self-love strategies that WORK, and set a specific-to-you plan for how you will live and be from this day forward.

this is it

Your investment for my Overcome Emotional Eating for Life Home Study videos and Workbook is  is normally $99, but as a special investment just for my Bootcamp Beauties, I’m offering it to you for $49.

this is my dream for you

I wish, 10+ years ago, that I had have found someone to help me who truly understood what I was going though and what I needed. Who really got what that whole crazy mess in my head was all about. Who could have saved me the hundreds and hundreds of dollars on therapy and food I didn’t need, and the self hate, and the despair, and the fear that I’d never get there.

I wish someone could have told me you will get there. It’s going to be okay. It will all work out.

And you are that girl.

Right now, whether you invest or not, I’m telling you –

You are that girl.

You have what it takes.

You can kick your inner fat girls butt, for good.

And I’d love to show you how.

Are you ready to be free of this, for life? Invest now in my Overcome Emotional Eating for Life Home Study videos and Workbook?

Life is Now. Press Play.

PS I know you may be uncertain. Scared. Wondering if this will just be something else that sounds good and inspiring, but doesn’t quite work. Let me tell you this – of course you have to do the inner work. I can’t do it for you. But by God can I show you how. And by God does it work if you work it.