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Heads up for what’s up! For those who love doing biz and life creation in awesome locations and want my help getting it ALL working!

– London April / Gold Coast August Business Explosion Workshop

*April 24: London

*August 17-19: Gold Coast

Let’s Get You RICH!

I’m getting together for 1 day with a small group of kickass women entrepreneurs to focus on getting your entire product and sales process up, running, and selling.

If you are sick of things taking so long to get off the ground and you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do and exactly how to DO it, and then help you to roll it out … fast … then this is for you!

We’ll spend a full day finding your biggest profit opportunities based on where your biz is now, and where you want it to be, and then we’ll get down and dirty and actually BUILD it and bring it to life right there in the event. You’ll have your entire 2015 sales and marketing plan mapped out, and underway.

This is NOT a shut up and listen event, this is show up with your laptop and build your entire biz model from idea to sale. I’ll do it WITH you and you’ll walk out with it DONE and WORKING. Everything. Which is why #’s are strictly limited.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Create a clear vision of who you’d be as an entrepreneur and leader if you were being FULLY you
  • Your offer (or multiple) CREATED
  • Show you how to STEP INTO ALIGNMENT in the way you build your business and your life
  • Find your authentic message and VOICE
  • Create your FUNNEL and a MONEY PLAN you KNOW you will rock (because it’s aligned!!)
  • All of your marketing musts
  • How to brand like a BOSS and build a true tribe
  • Deal with the inner stuff that has been holding you back so you can finally PRESS PLAY
  • Fully craft out your Next Big Launch, including everything you need to know to LAUNCH it

This is a coaching process like you’ve never experienced before.

It’s about stripping away everything that’s not meant to be there.

And then unleashing with AWESOME intent the true power that is within you.

It’s about FINALLY admitting what you really want, and know you can have.

And then finally ALLOWING for it to happen.

It’s for you, quite simply, if it’s pulling at you. In which case – simply hit reply to let me know, and I’ll get you all the details.

Time for alignment beautiful.

Time to kick your butt to where you KNOW it could be.

Time to do business, life AND you completely on your terms and like you were BORN for.

Email me here and I’ll get you all the details!


– Retreats –

3 days in a beautiful exotic location delving deep into biz, life and YOU – creating your ultimate vision whilst breaking it up with indulgent treats, rewards, and luxurious food and wine experiences, all on me!

Bali Retreat

This is about –
  • Stepping away from the madness of the day to day and the never ending GO of trying to keep up with all that you feel you have to be
  • Creating incredible CLARITY on how you want your business to look and FEEL
  • Dealing with the fears, uncertainties, self doubts and ‘not knowingness’ that is currently holding you back
  • Creating a simple and elegant plan to get you to your income goals in under 3 months (and a strategy to roll out as soon as you leave)

*June 8-10: Bali
*November: TBA but I’m thinking maybe somewhere AWESOME in Asia

That’s 2015!

Fun times ahead peeps!








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