Everyday Eating

WEEK 33: ‘Everyday Eating’

  • 630am: Glutamine, primal greens and fibre in water. Long black with a little cream and cinnamon.
  • 7am: fried eggs, half a block of haloumi, and 2 pieces of leftover bacon, reheated. Cooked in coconut oil so very filling as quite high in fat.
  • 9.30am: ‘Burn workout’, PWO Woman Incredible chocolate protein shake plus glutamine
  • 11am: gluten free organic sausage, one large piece of grilled chicken breast, 3 homemade sweet potato fries (made mainly for Enzo and Alyssa for today), some steamed carrot and zucchini
  • 2pm: large cold vegetable and spinach salad, another piece of chicken breast
  • 530pm: a homemade choc-coconut and raspberry truffle – see recipe section!
  • 7pm: Thai takeaway – chicken and cashew stir fry without the sauce, and a glass of Shiraz
  • 9pm: few squares of dark chocolate