Everyday Life

WEEK 31: ‘Everyday Life’

  • 630am: Glutamine, primal greens and fibre in water. Long black with a little cream and cinnamon.
  • 7am: 150 grams leftover roast chicken, almond and chia butter
  • 10.30am: PWO protein shake. Workout sups like BCAAs taken before, during and after workout
  • 10.30am: Omelette with zucchini and bacon. Long black with cream and cinnamon
  • 1pm: More leftover roast chicken, same amount, a small green salad
  • 4.30pm: Freshly cooked protein veggie square (see recipes) – testing for membership recipes!
  • 7pm: Pork ribs stew – pork ribs and gluten free 100% beef sausages cooked overnight in tomatoes, garlic, herbs, olives and so on. Served with some plain steamed broccoli
  • 9pm: Glutamine and fibre before bed