Explode Your 2016!

Explode Your 2016 with Kat, Regan, Jenn, Mel!


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Buy Recordings Now and Pay Only $97; Price Goes to $197 Tonight 9pm Bali time, Wednesday!

Would you spend $100 to learn how easy it is to create $100,000 or even $1,000,000 in your business?

How would you like to be a fly on the wall as multiple 6 & 7 figure business owners spill the beans on what it takes to be successful – the mindset, the strategy, all of it!

Get over 2 hours of unedited, raw and transparent honesty about what it takes to have it all.

We talk about:

  • Fast tracking success in 2016: exactly what you want in business and life, and how to reverse engineer to get it NOW
  • Dealing with fears, limitations and patterns which keep you STUCK
  • Staying in integrity and accountability to your goals
  • Abundance mindset and ALLOWING success to flow
  • Our personal daily success strategies and how we get so much done from a place of alignment and FUN
  • How to find like-minded awesome peeps to collaborate with and elevate together
  • The concept of ‘having it all’, what that means to you and how to get it DONE
  • Who you need to be in order to make success automatic
  • AND we’ll each share our most powerful #1 success strategy for 2016


Purchase the recordings now and not only do you get to HANG with us in our webinar or soak up the power of the training, but you’ll also receive:

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  2. VIP Vegas Cocktail party April 14, 2016 – your ticket FREE, in the lead-up to Kat’s April 15-17 Vegas SUCCESS MASTERY event … come hang with all of us live!

What are you waiting for … get the recordings now to get into SUCCESS!

Buy NowBuy Recordings Now and Pay Only $97; Price Goes to $197 Tonight 9pm Bali time, Wednesday!


Watch Our Periscope hangout Here: we talk all about success and officially introduce our Explode 2016 Webinar Party! …