Extreme Exercise Day!

WEEK 27: “Extreme Exercise Day!”

This is a sample of what I ate on a day when I was doing nearly 5 hours of exercise, in training for Tough Mudder. It’s a good example of what to eat on any extreme activity day, be that working out for hours or working out and just keeping on top of your busy day!

  • 7am: 150 grams of leftover chicken, 3 teaspoons of nut butter. Long black with cream and cinnamon.
  • 10am: Long macchiato
  • 2pm: Post 3-hour crazy bootcamp style workout! A pre-made green smoothie which was waiting in my protein shaker in the car. A LOT of water. And 2 glasses of gatorade. Yes, I do ‘do’ sugar on occasion, particularly after such a massive workout.
  • 3pm: 1 large chicken thigh with tomato and basil, some chopped celery and cucumber. A long macchiato
  • 4.30pm: mid Bikram yoga (recovery) – a staminade. Definitely a day of exceptions for me 🙂
  • 6pm: Half of another green smoothie, and a piece of cheddar
  • 7pm: Dinner at my parents for my brothers birthday. Large serve of roast beef, carrots, green beans, half a roast potato. 1 large piece of gluten free chocolate cake which I made. 2 glasses of red wine.