Family Fun Day

WEEK 36: ‘Family Fun Day’ – treacherous ground!

  • 8am: Out for break with my sister and Alyssa: 2 long macchiato’s, veggie break (tomato, mushroom, avocado, spinach) with bacon. Not so veggie after all! I also had 30 BCAAs, as I’m having a break from eggs (good to do with anything you overeat now and then) and being Sunday I couldn’t be bothered getting up just to eat leftover chicken before going to break.
  • 11am: post going to church – went to the ‘chocolate cafe’ and had a strong 3/4 latte and one small gourmet dark chocolate
  • 12: back home for a quick lunch as we’re going to the footy and I don’t want to succumb to whatever food madness I find there: leftover flathead tails from the night before, cold broccoli and cauliflower, cut up raw carrot and celery
  • 2.30: at footy – another long mac. Yikes! And yup, I’ll admit it half a Dairy Milk bar. I’m not about being perfect 🙂 but I’m glad I didn’t have starchy gluten-y stuff.
  • 6pm: back home, homemade vegetable soup with grilled chicken in it. Back on track … 🙂
  • 8.30pm: 2 tsp cashew nut butter with 2 tsp organic cream and a small handful of raspberries