Fat Loss Workouts

are you a melbourne lady? then this one is for you!

lose fat and tone up!

As of THIS July I am introducing the ‘Woman Incredible 14-day Fat Loss challenges’, and if you live in proximity to the South Melbourne area then I want YOU to be involved!

It’s time to say goodbye to slow or no results, and finally get that body you dream about.

Watch this 2-minute clip to find out what Woman Incredible Fat Loss Workouts can do for you!


Your Woman Incredible 14-day Fat Loss Challenge is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the style of training that I used to shed 17kg of my own unwanted baby weight and also to help dozens of women shimmy back into their skinniest skinny jeans!

let me ask you –

  • Are you ready to seriously take control of your body in 2011?
  • Determined to get the flat belly and lean legs you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Sick of hanging on to the final 5 no matter WHAT you do?
  • Keen to know exactly how I manage to stay on track and balance work/life/training and even play?

If you’re in the South Melbourne area and keen to make this year your year, then register for your Woman Incredible 14-day Fat Loss Challenge by entering your email in the box above! You’ll receive a reply from me within 15 minutes, with all the juicy details.


Sarah Taylor –

“I’m now 11% body fat and about to do an amazing photo-shoot – I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Sophie McPharlin, Mum – “I’m sure that the workout on the day melted inches of fat off me already, I really notice a difference!”

Fiona Caddies, fitness professional – “So often we have thrown in our face the standard, run of the mill “ways to lose fat” etc etc – best exercises for your 6-pack (which ends up being 10 different ways to do a crunch) and the standard western diet – we both know this doesn’t work! What you do is amazing; I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to finally change their life and have life-long results!”

Kyla Agustin, Analyst “I walked away feeling empowered to promote change, which is a big thing for me.”

Dee Trethaway – “I have to say that it’s clear that I haven’t been pushing myself enough. I guess mainly because I don’t have a personal trainer or anyone else to workout with. (I must push harder!)”

Toni Lampard – “I can’t fully express how much of an influence you have had on my life since talking to you.  Not only have I lost 4 kilos but I have completely changed the way my husband (he has lost 7kg so far) and I eat and exercise. I look leaner; can see muscle definition that wasn’t there before and my clothes are now too big”

Isn’t it time YOU started working 100% on the body of your dreams? And seriously – what have you got to lose?

If you’d love to knowwhat true fat loss programming can do for you then enter your details above to find out about my limited “14-days for $14; no-obligation”!

And remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

PS: Act now, places are limited!