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We are ready to release the registrations for our upcoming Female Fat loss hormone seminar – exciting! It is based in Melbourne but we are pre selling the recordings so you don’t have to miss out

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Fabulous results from clients who we’ve worked on hormonal change with:

"Biosignature Melbourne"


“S lost 3kg in 10 days!’

“Hi Kat. Just wanted to touch base with you on Day 10 of working with you on hormones … I FEEL AMAAAAZING!!! The first week was really hard with my workload, but, as you said, my energy would start to pick up after a few days … and now I’m wondering why I never knew about this stuff before … It’s like a veil has lifted … I have clarity, energy, renewed strength in my workouts and most importantly, my mind-set has shifted in terms of training and eating. I now enjoy training again- and eating has become exciting!!! In short- life is good…. not that I was out of whack, but what you’ve taught me has just provided some well needed insight and BALANCE!!! Just thought that you should know, plus to date- I’ve lost 3kg- not bad for ten days work- so thanks for providing the tools. Hear from you soon- thanks again for getting me back on track. I’m a big fan!”

S 😉 Actor and singer


Joni lost 3% body fat!


A was skeptical until losing 8% body fat!

“I was a little bit skeptical at first as working in the fitness industry I come across lots of fads and garbage “get big quick” or “lose fat fast” promo garbage. I was surprised and pleased to find then the method that I used through Katrina worked really well for me. It helped me drop from 26% body fat to 18% in 12 weeks while maintaining my lean muscle. Kat has a wealth of knowledge that really helped me out and the supplements she recommends are second to none and I would stake my reputation on that. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone who is serious about getting results.”

A. Scarborough, Personal Trainer


Most women’s hormones are working against them to make them fat!

Did you know that most women out there are battling their own hormones every day? I’d bet my last buck that in one way or another your hormones are wreaking a bit of unwanted havoc with your metabolism, fat loss and cellulite battles. Amongst other things.

Here are some of the most common issues women battle year in and year out:

  • Carbohydrate and sugar abuse in years gone by leading to ‘insulin resistance’ meaning blood sugar levels are imbalanced and your body just wants to store fat no matter how well you eat now
  • Emotional and binge eating causing out of whack insulin and stress hormones, again promoting stubborn fat loss
  • Long-term lifestyle stress causing an excess of cortisol, which promotes stubborn fat around the stomach area
  • Back fat that just won’t go away – the product of an insulin imbalance and fully reversible
  • Chunk-factor overload on the upper legs and butt, even when eating super clean and training like a bat out of hell. This is related to an estrogen dominance and can’t be overturned through nutrition and training alone
  • Cellulite that gets worse with age, despite a relatively healthy lifestyle
  • Constant puffiness or bloating
  • Can’t seem to stop eating even when you shouldn’t be hungry

—>>> Link to join us live! Full price $67, early bird until May 19 just $57 – click here.

—>>> Link to pre-purchase the recordings! Full price $57, earlybird $47, pre-event rate just $37 until May 19 – click here

Muffin belly

All of these issues can be corrected when you understand how your hormones work and how you can make simple changes to get them working for you 24/7.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know your metabolism is actually working as it’s supposed to?

In our seminar we will teach you how to manage your hormones, how to not let stress and pressure work against you, how to eat right and not feel guilty when you slip up and how to live with balance and reduce your stress levels. We will also talk specifically about the hormones estrogen (lean legs hormone), cortisol (stress and belly fat hormone), insulin (blood sugar hormone), and your appetite hormones (and why you sometimes just can’t stop eating!). Some of what you’ll learn includes:

  • How to take control of your appetite and regulate it so that you naturally only want to eat what you need
  • How stress can make you fat despite a great diet and training regime
  • The long-term effects of a previously bad diet
  • Why you can’t get rid of those love handles
  • The truth about back fat and why you have it!
  • The real reason so many women can get leaner on the upper body but can’t seem to change their legs

The great news is that after attending this live event (or listening to the recordings!) with Justine and Kat you’ll feel confident about how to make your hormones work for you and you’ll know where to start!

—>>> Link to join us live! Full price $67, early bird until May 19 just $57 – click here.

—>>> Link to pre-purchase the recordings! Full price $57, earlybird $47, pre-event rate just $37 until May 19 – click here

measure tape woman

Specifically you will:

  • Understand how to finally start leaning down your legs with just a few simple nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Learn how to manage life’s natural stressors and how to get rid of cortisol-based belly fat
  • Know how to balance your blood sugar and insulin levels in as little as a few days, so that you naturally spike your metabolism everytime you eat rather than switch into fat-storage mode – this will result in often rapid fat loss to the love handle and back areas
  • Learn the top 3 changes you need to make now to achieve control over your hormones once and for all
  • See results in as little as 3 days when you start using the tips and tricks I share with you!
  • Finally breaking free of the need to graze all day and night long

Wouldn’t it be great if you could live a life with less stress and learn how to understand your mind and body better? If you come to our seminar we will teach you how to do this and much much more! This is such a HOT topic right now and we are excited to both be able to share all of our knowledge and experience with you on the day!

Bonuses! We have a few great bonuses for you when you come along or purchase the recordings to this day

*A copy of the recordings of the day, to keep forever:

*A free copy of Kat’s ‘Guilt Free Sweet Treats’ mini recipe book, normally $17

*A free excerpt from Justine’s Juzz Do It Program on ‘Perception Vrs Reality’ where I expose the truth about dieting as a fitness model and the extreme measures required to get super lean. Valued at $12


When and where: Sunday May 26, 9am -12 noon in South Melbourne. Exact location will be emailed to you after joining.

***important*** you must click the ‘optin’ link we send you after paying, or we can’t email you your ticket or recordings! If you don’t receive it within 5 minutes, check your spam and if it’s not there email support@katloterzo.com

—>>> Link to join us live! Full price $67, early bird until May 19 just $57 – click here.

—>>> Link to pre-purchase the recordings! Full price $57, earlybird $47, pre-event rate just $37 until May 19 – click here

This is going to be an informative, jam packed, and incredibly inspiring event – well worth joining us live us on the day or getting the recordings and hearing what we have to say so that you can beat these issues and get your body back on track and finally get the body that you have always dreamed of!!!!

Grab your place now, and don’t forget to invite any friends who you think might benefit!

We can’t wait to talk about this topic with you gorgeous, it’s one that we are so passionate about after the difference it’s made in our own lives and in our clients lives. We’re taking the absolute highlights and most powerful transformative tips of over 5 years worth of extensively studying and applying the science of hormones and packing it into just an hour. You’re going to absolutely love what you get out of this!

See you there!

Kat and Justine

—>>> Link to join us live! Full price $67, early bird until May 19 just $57 – click here.

—>>> Link to pre-purchase the recordings! Full price $57, earlybird $47, pre-event rate just $37 until May 19 – click here

“Well I am on track I hardly eat junk foods anymore no Maccas or anything like that, I don’t drink soft drink, and I’ve been doing my resistance exercises 4 times a week. I have lost cms already and overall I am happy with the way I am going and I have started to get my period back, just going slow and steady. I gained 2 kilos over Christmas but I have lost it again, and am now back into it. My aim is just to lose 1 kilo a week now. I’m very rarely hungry eating the way you told me too, all in all I think I’m going well, I get compliments on my face air and eyes etc, so I’m very happy!”

Name withheld, child care worker


“Amazing what a little hard work and determination can do …!”



Claire had dramatic results in just a week!

“Today was day 7 since working with you, haven’t been this long without sugar for a long time, so am feeling very proud of myself! It hasn’t really been that awful, I’ve been dominating my food plan and supplements, so it’s kind of all been taken care of for me. I’m feeling a lot better already, cravings haven’t disappeared but they’re improving, and I’m just waiting them out, and noticing them rather than letting them freak me out.

My skin is looking quite amazing, and I’m all debloated. Digestion is a lot better too. Apart from that, everything else is going quite well. I’m noticing that I’m looking much more athletic lately, and have definitely got leaner which makes me happy. Actually I’m pretty excited about how much weight I’ve lost. I’m back in my London jeans now- jeans I bought when i was living in London and too poor to eat properly and had a very Kate moss-esque lifestyle. Not the healthiest period of my life to romanticise, but I’m back in my amazing jeans now so that’s all that matters 🙂

“I’ve lost heaps of weight. Like really enough to notice, and all these clothes that I have had in my ‘cant wait to wear’ pile are fitting me one by one. I haven’t weighed myself, but have been measuring all my bits, and am losing centimetres from all the places I want to. It’s pretty motivating, as you can imagine. and yeah my training is going really well. It’s making a huge difference. Thanks again for your encouragement, will be in touch again soon :)”

Claire, Student


Mel – I haven’t felt this good in a long time!

“I was feeling sluggish, bloated, constipated, my clothes weren’t fitting, I was always hungry and something needed to be done! I had come across Kat’s website and began reading, thoroughly enjoying, and looking forward to the next post. Kat really knew what she was talking about, so after some reading of the BioSignature modulation I booked an appointment. Within just one week after my appointment I was noticeably less bloated, energised and no more constipation, I couldn’t believe it, I had tried so many other ways in the past. I always feel satisfied now, and the foods are all foods I actually love to eat, I am giving my body exactly what it needs. It has surprised me how easy it was. Now it is simply just how I eat.

It has made such a huge difference to my life, I haven’t felt this good in a long long time. Thanks Kat, you are a lifesaver :)”

Mel Heard, Mother


—>>> Link to join us live! Full price $67, early bird until May 19 just $57 – click here.

—>>> Link to pre-purchase the recordings! Full price $57, earlybird $47, pre-event rate just $37 until May 19 – click here