Filming, Working, Training, Eating

WEEK 20: ‘Filming, Working, Training, Eating’

Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days where I just didn’t stop and was doing (as all good busy gals do) about 19 things at once most of the time! Namely, all of the above and more! Here’s what I ate:

  • 7am: In car on way to the office: 1 scoop of Woman Incredible Chocolate Protein, with added fiber, glutamine, primal reds and ice. Yummo. Handheld shaker in the car.
  • 8am: long macchiato
  • 8.30am: 2 fried eggs whilst writing a blog post, with bacon and grilled tomato. Lots of supplements as always. Another long macchiato.
  • 10-11am: Filming content for your VIP workouts!
  • 11.30am: pre-workout shake: Maltodextrin (which is a pure carb, I’m trying more carbs in and around training at the moment), with glutamine and a little more protein powder to stave off the hunger.
  • 11.45-12.45: German Body Comp workout. Took more maltodextrin and glutamine throughout, plus plenty of aminos including some carnitine of course! More of the same after training, plus protein shake of course.
  • 1.30: 2 homemade kangaroo hamburger patties with about 2 cups of steamed broccolini
  • 4.30: another ‘roo patty, this time with 2 teaspoons of almond butter
  • 7pm: panfried salmon steak with cucumber, tomato and lettuce. 1 row of dark peppermint chocolate!