The forum has now been moved to Facebook for easier access. As the Facebook forum is brand new from February 2013 there is no existing content on it yet so get involved and meet your fellow VIPers!


Please note it can take up to 24 business hours for you to be accepted into the forum.

How the forum works
The forum is designed as a place of 24/7 connection, support and motivation between you and your fellow VIPers. Ask questions of each other, share how you’re doing and what your wins and challenges are. Occasionally in your digest emails Kat will suggest topics for you to discuss with each other, but that’s totally up to you – they’re just ideas.
Use the forum when you feel you need to connect, get motivation or accountability, or just see how others are doing. As new members join they will be added to the forum so be sure to welcome them with a big VIP hello!
From time to time you may post a question or new thread on the forum and nobody will answer it, just post it again if needed. Sometimes things move very fast on a forum and you get lots of people online at once, other times may be a bit of a lull.
The beauty of the forum is it’s always there to come back to!
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