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This is far and away one of THE most straight-shooting from the heart raw and REAL calls I’ve done.

I tell it like it is … and NO holds barred! My 2016 focus based on what I’ve seen to work with the greatest flow and ease … my daily activities and musts … what I do NOT do that the ‘rules’ online say I should … how I’ve built a million dollar biz where I ACTUALLY get to do what I love … and what I’m going ALL IN ON this year! As well as how I set goals and intentions that WORK.

The call goes for about an hour (just under) and I’m not gonna lie: it’ll be the wake-up call you need, if right now success feels at ALL ‘pushed’. You will have to excuse my rather dry sexy husky throat voice though 🙂

My 7-Figure Biz 2016 Strategy Revealed!

Listen here to the INCREDIBLE high-energy recording of this call …

It was INSANELY full of powerful conversation and truth about what it’s gonna take to get your biz (and life!) to the HAVE IT ALL place you need it to be …

I covered:

  • Where my money comes from now
  • Why I’ve deliberately NOT grown my income this past year, but how holding back (and focusing on #tribe quality instead) means I’ll double and maybe even triple next year
  • My main BIG THING for 2016
  • The area I’m FINALLY GETTING OVER MYSELF in in order to massively grow my reach and sales
  • What my funnel is looking like
  • My daily processes and how I do get so much shit done while also creating consistent daily INCOME
  • How I hustle for short-term cash
  • And how I set up my long-term AUTOMATED income sources
  • As well as the mindset and daily internal routine it takes to get all this done!

Content Machine Training! Learn How to Create Incredible Value, MASSIVE Impact and an ENDLESS Flow of Sales by Being a Content Machine!

My entire. freaking. business –

ALL the money –

ALL the impact –

ALL the freedom –

Is a direct result of the fact that I am a content fucking MACHINE. I churn out content – HIGH value content – both free and paid like NOBODY. Seriously, nobody can touch me on this stuff!

And now I want to tell you exactly how you CAN indeed touch me … well .. that didn’t come out right, but you get the idea!

Learn How to Create Incredible Value, MASSIVE Impact and an ENDLESS Flow of Sales by Being a Content Machine! Listen here now!

Being Superwoman, the 1%, a Mad-Ass Content Machine, and Having it All, Now!

I’ve put together a 30-minute audio smackdown of HIGH ENERGY asskickery for you! It’s all about how to be SUPERWOMAN, the 1%, a MAD-ASS Content Machine and How to Have it All, Now!

Please let me know if it lights a fire in your belly, and what you’re going to do with that fire!


How to Build True Leader Status Online, and Grow a Kickass Tribe of Loyal Fans Eager to Buy From You!

One of the things I spoke about on this call (in about 6 minutes and with barely a breath drawn!) is exactly how I’d rebuild my business FAST if I had to start from square one again.

I also talk about my personal strategy of how I grow my business and continue to do so … what the daily things I do each day are … some of my big picture tasks to GROW my biz … why being a leader and developing a ‘cult following’ matters … and a whole bunch more.

I honestly feel that this is one of the BEST live calls I’ve ever done, and the feedback backs that up. You know when you’re just in the zone!


This call was pretty. fucking. INTENSE (and epic) if I do say so …

Now in all seriousness and ‘over the top’ language and ra-ra aside, this was probably THE most powerful call I’ve done to date. And as much as I know that makes me sound like an arrogant freaking you-know-what to say? #word.

Have you ever felt like everything you ever wanted was JUST within your grasp if only you could get out of your own WAY about it? If only you could tap into the LIMITLESS resource that is you (and also do the WORK)???

That’s what this was about.

Well, that, and also this, specifically:

* How I got my life to a point where I have the BUSINESS, the MONEY, the BODY, the HEALTH, the LIFESTYLE of my dreams …

* How I GET SO MUCH SHIT DONE {hint: it has to do with how to know your TRUE desires and I’ll cover that as well!}

* How to cultivate MASSIVE self-belief, confidence, and action-taking

* What alignment is and how to KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY WANT FROM LIFE … {So that you can get it!!}

* And the BIGGIE: the ‘automation’ of success and just how simple  it actually can BE, once you get out of your own way and knuckle down to doing the internal AND external work that works!


Do you know that resistance is there to shine a light for you, and show you the way forward?

Sometimes it’s showing you what NOT to do … (if I’m resisting cleaning the house I definitely know it’s because that is NOT what I EVER desire to spend time on doing; not personally!) … but often? It’s showing you the way forward.

It’s HIGHLIGHTING what you are called to do. Your soul’s work. The stuff your life is to BE about that you my dear are frankly just NOT facing up to, owning, or therefore creating.

Which is just not good enough now, is it?

So today, I want to share with you a very special replay of my latest live call. In which I will show you exactly why you resist, what your fears are really about (and if they’re valid) and what to DO in order to take action and create the life you were born for, even though it very well may scare the shit out of you.

Listen now, because what you GET is a direct result of what you do, and what you DO is a direct result of who you are … and who you are? Is a direct result of how you choose to deal with the inner BS that would try to sway you from your course.

You were not born to be swayed gorgeous.

You were born to fly.

Time to fucking fly.

How to Have it All. Dream Biz, Dream Body, Dream Life – On Your Terms

What do we REALLY mean when we talk about having it all? What does it actually mean to YOU, be fucking honest about it stop being vague or wishy-washy and also STOP HOLDING BACK.

Listen now and get REALLY freaking real with yourself about what you want, and who you need to BE to make that happen!

We cover:

  • Is the path you’re on right now working for you?
  • If not, where IS it leading?
  • What is REALLY stopping you?
  • Who DO you need to be?
  • What do you need to do in order to BE that person?
  • Plus a whole ton more AND I make a very EXTRA special invite at the end for 6 incredible “1%ers” who are ready to press play now.

Productivity and How I Get So Much Done

Listen here to the recording for the Productivity and How I Get So Much Done hangout.

On the call I shared:

  • 3 things you HAVE to do in your business each day to grow your audience and your income.
  • How to turn as little as 20 minutes a day into pure cold PROFIT.
  • How you can easily leverage your content and use the same stuff again and again to build your brand as well as your bank balance.
  • The “takes literally no time” way I create my podcast and YouTube show.
  • How to get – and keep! – your head in the game, and move forward on your dreams even when you feel stuck, uninspired, or just plain don’t wanna!

Peek Inside My Funnel

audio_blueLearn exactly how I’m building my multi-7-figure biz this year!

I share my exact sales and marketing plan for 2015, including what I’m going to launch, how I’m going to do that, and how I’m turning my existing products into automated $$! Learn from my process and plan your own empire for 2015!



Get Aligned to WEALTH

Listen here for Get Aligned to WEALTH – Learn How to Create a ROCKING Income Online, Doing What You Love and in WAAAAYYY Less Time Than You Think!

On the call I shared the exact process I used to get out of 100k in debt and create over 100k per MONTH in regular income, and I also talked about how I DO it all in just 90 minutes a day!


Launch Smackdown – How to Get Your Shit Out There, Hard, Fast and NOW!

We spoke about:

Sales Page BUTT-Kicking: how to let ’em flow, easy and sweet and from the HEART so that they make you MONEY!

Quick 5-step launch plan: idea to GO in LESS THAN ONE DAY

Why you CAN SELL THAT – how to take your passion idea and the stuff you REALLY wanna do and package it up AWESOMELY.

Quick list of tips and ideas of “things that work” – should you or shouldn’t you do scarcity deals, bonus offers, cash machines and so on. How I make this process super easy and fun and so can you!

Who actually gives a f&*k

Gorgeous, this call might have SOUNDED like it was going to be one of my more aggressive ‘in your face’ ones, but actually –


This was something EVEN deeper and more important.

Something that, if your business still doesn’t seem to be on TRACK, despite all your work and effort, you MUST listen to.

This is the real work gorgeous.

How to Have Faith

If you’ve been struggling to grow your business to where you want it to be, and you just can’t quite see yourself ‘ever’ getting there, then this is a must listen.

I speak about how to create the money you want and do business and life TRULY on your terms  – and trust me, it’s so not about which strategy you take 🙂

I’d love to know what on this call spoke to you.

And if you’d like to be in the ’10’, let me know!