The Have It All Revolution


For the Exceptional Few Born to Change the World and have it all …


EVERYTHING you’ve ever dreamed of can be yours, but if you want it? YOU are going to have to go on out there and get it. Today we talk how, starting with this:

Enough fucking around gorgeous.

You know you were born for more, you’ve always known it, you feel it in your BONES, your soul, your DNA, your heart fucking BEATS for it.

So when are you going to wake up –

Step up –

And OWN up to the truth of what your life is meant to be about?

And when are you actually going to start living like you give a fuck, about the BUSINESS, the FITNESS, and the LIFE that you SAY you want to create?

Because if it’s anytime other than now?

It’s fucking never and you might as well just be HONEST with yourself about that and get back in the fucking box.

But if you’re ready –

And if you’re SO fucking ready that you’re just about to EXPLODE –

And if you’re willing to do WHAT it takes, no MATTER what it takes, for as long as it takes and UNTIL it takes and then still.keep.going. because that is what we DO?

Then listen up hottie … because #THEHAVEITALLREVOLUTION is here and it’s here for YOU.

This is about:

– Taking RESPONSIBILITY for the fact that you KNOW you’re the 1% within the 1%
– Admitting you KNOW you were born for more
– Owning up to the fact that you HAVE a powerful message that is going to SHAKE THE FUCKING WORLD
– And saying hell fucking yes to the desire and the TRUTH that burns so damn deep and strong within you it scares the fucking BREATH out of you and you love that. And that truth is this:

Kat biz page profile pic

You were born to be rich. WILDLY.

You were born to change the world. INCREDIBLY.

You were born to LEAD. A revolUTION.

And you are GOING to do not only all of that and more, but you’re going to do it with the hottest body around and living the life that YOU DECIDE TO LIVE.

YES you can have it all, you know it and you’ve ALWAYS known it, and you.are.WILLING to go get it.




So here is where we start:

Today, you can say HELL FUCKING YES to living like you’ve always known living is really ABOUT.

Today you can take OWNERSHIP of the future you are here to create and making it HAPPEN.

TODAY YOU CAN JOIN #THEHAVEITALLREVOLUTION and finally press fucking play the way you were born to!



For the Exceptional Few Born to Change the World …

The short version:





The longer version:


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You can have SOME of having it all … or you can have ALL of having it all 😉

You decide!


#THEHAVEITALLREVOLUTION: The FREE 15-Day Smackdown {1000 places}


What it is: 15 days. Of smack you down love. To get clear on what having it all would look (and feel!) like to you. And then to

When it starts: Monday December 7, 2015

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Why you WANT it and need to act NOW: Enough fucking around. Time to #own what you want. And start pressing play like you mean it.
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#THEHAVEITALLREVOLUTION: The Online Event {100 places}


What it is: Extreme Business. Extreme Fitness. Extreme Life. In a one time LIVE online event I’m going to lay down what it takes, precisely, from a mindset AND action taking point of view to have a ridiculously epic successful PROFITABLE business, to be in (my fat loss and fitness RAPID results secrets revealed) and to basically love your entire fucking life.

This will be content the intensity and detail of which you’ve never experienced. You will EXPLODE out of there with determination and clear fucking CERTAINTY of what you need to do … and how to do it.

When it’s happening: The week beginning Monday December 7, 4pm Bali time.

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What it is: A night of awesome. Quite simply. To welcome ME back to living in Australia and to hang out together and talk all things #asskickery and #havingitall!

When it’s on: Thursday January 14, right in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

How to get it: Sign up here. Ticket price covers drinks and food! Invite your friends … there is going to be so much awesome in this room!

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What it is: EPIC, is what! Are you READY to have me kick your butt into action and alignment for 2016??! I’m putting on a 2-day ALL THE WAY in implementation bootcamp for 10 amazing #revolutionaryfuckingleaders coming in January 2016 on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast …

We’re going to get straight down to the nitty gritty of what’s what here in terms of:

* Your TRUE message, and how to get it out there so you can finally start makin gmoney doing what you LOVE

* Attracting in your TRUE #tribe of awesome, where you love all your clients and they all kick just as much ass as you (only they pay you money!!)

* Selling the awesome shit you really want to be selling, selling more of it, faster, to more of the right people, from as soon as they find you!

* PLUS we’ll be talking mindset of success, productivity, having ALL the areas of your life working, how to leverage and automate things behind the scenes, sales pages and processes that WORK, fastest and most effective and also FUN ways to brand yourself and stand out online, finding a great team so you can just do YOUR thing, and loads more still!

When it’s on: Friday January 15 – Saturday January 16, in the heart of the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise)!

How to get it: PM me on Facebook to get the full scoop / cost / find out if it’s EXACTLY WHAT YOU FUCKING NEED!

Why you WANT it and need to act NOW: This is for ALREADY ASSKICKING guys and gals who are underway with true success but want to REV IT UP AND TURN IT UP for 2016 by getting a clear plan on what to do and how to do it, while simultaneously KILLING DEAD the excuses and getting into immediate ACTION … all with me there by your side kicking your butt to set it up and GET it happening, right there during the bootcamp; laptop in hand!

Ready to get off your butt and get things working, the EXCITING way and how you know it SHOULD be? PM me now for the lowdown … it’s time to press play!

What else you get for FREE! Your ticket to the One Nighter the night before plus 3 months FREE in The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders!


#THEHAVEITALLREVOLUTION: The Gold Coast Retreat in the #HAVEITALL Penthouse Suite {5 places}


What it is: THE HAVE IT ALL RETREAT, FEBRUARY 2015! 5 Women … 1 KILLER Gold Coast Apartment … My Sweet Ass There to Kick YOUR Sweet Ass ALL the Way Through … Extreme BUSINESS … Extreme FITNESS … Extreme LIFE!

When it’s on: Monday February 15 – Saturday February 20, 2016

How to get it: shhh … details are being strictly kept under wraps right now! I will be running a live call to talk about EXACTLY what this is!


#THEHAVEITALLREVOLUTION: The #HAVEITALL Success Domination Inner Circle {12 places}


What it is: My private inner circle one year mentoring intensive

When it starts: The final week of January 2016

How to get it: shhh … details are being strictly kept under wraps right now! I will be running a live call to talk about EXACTLY what this is!


Are you ready?

Can you handle your OWN true desires?

Are you ready to step up and

Scroll back up this page and choose your flavour of #havingitall.

School is in SESSION and baby? We’re going to kick ass.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




I’m just gettin’ warmed up here. I have INSANE AMOUNTS OF AWESOME which I haven’t even mentioned coming your way in this revolution!

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Enough chit-chat! Scroll back up NOW and get in #thetribe, sign up for the ONE NIGHTER, PM me about the BOOTCAMP and get your knickers in a knot about just what’s coming with the Retreat and the Inner Circle! Time to press fucking play … again, and for ALWAYS!

Kat x