How To Eat On A 3-Workout Day!

  • 6am: Bikram yoga on an empty stomach. Yes, that is okay now and again!
  • 7.45am: in car on way to the city: 2 grilled chicken thighs, breakfast supplements
  • 8.30am: long black coffee
  • 10.45am: small serve scrambled eggs, long macchiato
  • 12: Muay Thai class for 60 minutes
  • 1.15: Estrogenomics (Poliquin) chocolate detox protein shake (yum!). This one is great for variety (mostly I have the Woman Incredible protein of course, but I do like to mix it up now and then) as well as for detoxing oestrogen; otherwise known as lower body fat!
  • 2: long macchiato at the South Melbourne market while typing digests up!
  • 3.30: STARVING! 150 grams of mince cooked in coconut oil, and with zucchini. This is from a big batch I left in my fridge at my office the other day. Phew! 2 mini cucumbers.
  • 4pm: this is so naughty at this time of day, but I wanted to train at the gym so had a long macchiato while doing a little work
  • 4.30: 14-minute workout in the gym: no rest and I was completely shattered afterwards! I had 10 BCAA’s before and after, as well as one sultana which Alyssa stuffed in my mouth 🙂
  • 5.30: arrived at my parent’s house to spend the night. Ravenous. Ate about 1/5 a jar of peanut butter, 3 dates, 1/2 an apple and some leftover chicken. Quite okay with having carbs after all the training today, particularly as I also did an hour of workout filming for your upcoming videos!
  • 8pm: dinner: grass-fed King Island steak, green salad, and a glass and a third of organic wine. 3 liquorice allsorts while watching a movie afterwards, and 1/3 of a peppermint truffle bar.

Great day!