JFDI Event

I’m getting together for my 2-day “JFDI Event” in the luxurious Salon Suite at the Wynn Las Vegas – January 16-18


It’ll be a small group of kickass women entrepreneurs to focus on getting your entire product and sales process up, running, and selling. We’re going to be going deep in applying customer-getting, list-building and money-getting tactics to your business, and I’ve got room for a couple of more people.

This will be a full hands-on event … your entire business process from idea to sale will JF get done!

Let me know if that sounds like something you’d do, and I’ll get you the lowdown! The last JFDI event, in Melbourne, went OFF, and since then entire BUSINESSES have been built, programs launched and SOLD out, best-selling authors made, VIP offers filled and a ton more!

This is NOT a shut up and listen event, this is show up with your laptop and build your entire biz model from idea to sale. I’ll do it WITH you and you’ll walk out with it DONE and WORKING. Everything. Which is why #’s are strictly limited.

Want to join? Leave me a PM on Facebook or email me at kat@katloterzo.com and I’ll get you all the details!

Check out what my Melb attendees had to say about this event!


It’s been a roller coaster of doing and creating and delivering!

Catherine NewtonWhat have we been up to since JFDI? – Sheesh! What haven’t we been up to! It’s been a roller coaster of doing and creating and delivering since we got back from JFDI. We’ve created a membership site, launched a new 2 day event called ‘Nail It’, found a copywriter to help us execute the dream, pushed the go button on our new website, started a podcast, and landed 4 keynote talks, PLUS a joint venture that is opening doors, not to mention new subsystems and processes we are putting in place to manage the new clients and new programs! It’s a hive of activity and we are like the honey bees…finding our honey! – Catherine Newton

I have launched my signature program

Eve JohnSince the event I have launched my signature program ‘Passion to Profit Bootcamp – Creating a business you love and bank account you adore’ – this name and tagline was created at the event! I planned to offer this as an online program but all of the clients opted for my high end VIP days and Done-for-you packages, which is great as I love to see the results I can get working 1:1 with people.

What I created at JFDI was so effective that it moved me forward 6 months as clients spiralled up through my offerings! I still plan to run the online component of my course, but truly, I am really enjoying working with my clients that want the results, so they do the work, it is inspiring to watch!

I have also used what I learnt at Kat’s program to add as another offering to my clients too, which means another source of income for me. So now I have a program that I can invite clients to become part of when I do all my speaking and live training days. I am really excited with some of the opportunities that I have coming up in the next 6 months including some joint ventures with the amazing women I met at the JFDI event!Eve John

The most amazing gift was meeting a group of super special, inspiring Kick Ass Women

Kylie CourtieHi Kat, thank you again for the opportunity to share another day of magic with you in Melbourne. Since JFDI I have done so much….. On a personal note, I have found my inner “Kick Ass” Confident Mindset and really embraced the 3 key elements I believe you need to live healthy, being a positive mindset, great nutrition & exercise. For my existing company ‘Fitness Matters’ I have opened another club and used Facebook as one of our key presale marketing strategies.

I have also launched my personal brand “Kick Ass Kylie” and have created an 8 Day Video Challenge to live your Kick Ass Life. I have started video blogging – I have even done a blog in the shower and straight after the gym with no hair and make-up, so you could say on a personal note I have also got “real” and being open and vulnerable. I have launched my first Kick Ass Business Mastermind Group, I have joined an amazing group of ladies with a GiveAway event and created a new product for that called “Your 30 Minute Confident Kick” which is a 30 minute strategy call with myself so that I can share my Kick Ass Confidence Formula.

Since the event I’ve also had a week on Fraser Island with my family and a week in Sydney with my mastermind group, all of whom are from the JFDI event. The most amazing gift I got from JFDI was meeting a group of super special, inspiring Kick Ass Women who I am now totally grateful to call my friends and these world leaders will be friends for life. Xoxo – Kylie Courtie

I created two new programs!

Kylie PaxHey Gorgeous Kat! After the JFDI event I created two new programs, both of which are high end, one day events and neither of them were even on my radar when I attended JFDI!

Thank you for expanding my thinking!Kylie Pax

Biggest thing that came from the event was Clarity, Confidence and Collaboration

165456_581025111928215_1589472401_nSince Kat’s JFDI Event I have the #1 International Best Seller on Amazon in 5 categories PLUS another 2 books in the top 10 at the same time!

I held my first LIVE Writing for the Soul Workshop and created my first Group Online Program for Writing for the Soul.

I have been asked to write for Billionaire Mentor Magazine and for Ladies Business Momentum Magazine and also been interviewed in several newspapers.

I’m also living the laptop lifestyle working from Day Dream Island 1-2 days a month!

BUT the biggest thing that came from the event was clarity, confidence and collaboration. I went to the event feeling a little lost and walked out knowing who I was, what my purpose was and a whole new bunch of friends who are more special to me than I can explain – Mirella De Boni


Message me NOW if you want to spend 2 days with me getting your biz BUILT, in an intimate environment of women ready to implement FAST, and get the full low down. This is hands down the BEST investment you will make in your business and personal growth this year, and it will revolutionise your business. If you’re thinking this could be for you, let me know by sending me a private message NOW, because I don’t know how long the spots will last!

Remember –

Life is Now! Press Play.

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