April 10th

at 10am Spain time (CEST)

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If you've ever wanted to one day live location free, or you just love the idea of making a great living online doing stuff you love and sharing your passions with the world while also living your DREAM, then you will love this hangout!
Bring your wine, your journal, your dreams, and any questions - let's talk FREEDOM and livin' the dream!
Stuff I will cover on this hangout:

  • How I got to being 'ready' financially to live location free
  • How I talked my husband round on the whole idea ... he had to stop working and become the primary parent
  • What it's really like and how we deal with the ups and downs of it all, including how we've honestly only JUST managed to avoid divorce
  • The many many money lessons learned along the way - from setting out on the whole adventure with less than a few hundred dollars to my name, to then saving over 50k PLUS graduating to flying biz class and staying first class, hitting the 7-figure income mark, to seeing my income drop again as I try and learn what's next for me ... all the while finally finding my way into the work I REALLY want to be doing
  • And whatever else comes up in the convo!