Lazy Sunday

WEEK 25: “Lazy Sunday”

  • 10am, after a big sleep in: Scrambled eggs with bacon and spinach, 2 long macchiatos – out at breaky with friends
  • 12.30: A Woman Incredible Look Great Naked Green Smoothie – The Lean Legs Smoothie. 100 grams of leftover kangaroo and a bunch of pistachio nuts
  • 2: A mini Loving Earth coconut milk chocolate bar!
  • 3.30: A big piece of leftover roast beef, a cucumber, and some celery with almond nut butter
  • 6.30: Home-made gluten free pizza with ham, cheese, mushrooms, a green salad and a glass of Shiraz
  • 8pm: Another handful of delicious pistachios!

And plenty of lazing around in between of course!