The Lean Chef Boxing Day 50% Off Sale!


Welcome to the first ever (soon to be annual) Lean Chef Boxing Day sale! This is a tradition Kat has had in her Woman Incredible community for 4 years now, and I thought I’d start my own tradition and join in the Boxing Day celebrations.

So for 36 hours only you can get a cool 50% off my already very affordable books and products! I’m also introducing a new service which is ideal for you if you’re wanting a personalised diet and/or training program to ensure you get fantastic results as we start the New Year. AND I am officially (pre) releasing my Lean Chef Guilt-Free Desserts Cookbook as part of today’s sale!

Included below in today’s sale I have –

  • My co-authored with my wife Kat Lean Chef Look Great Naked Cookbook Half price in today’s Boxing Day sale!
  • My Fat Loss Nutrition Blueprint ebook: 4 Weeks to a New, Lean You. This ebook is a 4-week nutrition for fat loss program designed with a weekly new focus to keep your metabolism guessing and the fat burning. Half price in today’s Boxing Day sale!
  • My (NEW) Lean Chef Guilt-Free Desserts Cookbook! I’ve been working on this one off and on for 5 months … testing the recipes has been tough! Not! Half price in today’s sale.
  • (NEW) I’m now offering personalised diet and/or training programs

Keep reading for all the details and links to grab your bargains!

The Lean Chef Look Great Naked Cookbook – half price!


The Lean Chef Look Great Naked Cookbook is a joint venture with my wife Kat, “The Lean Chef” and is perfect if you want to know more about healthy eating that is simple and tastes amazing. We have every situation covered, and our recipes are tried and tested to perfection! Includes:

  • Over 100 extremely (yep, we checked, definitely extremely) delicious recipes
  • Simple to follow methods and ingredients you can find anywhere
  • Completely gluten-free
  • Everything from breakfast ideas to smoothies, soups, sides, salads, burgers, red and game meat, chicken dishes, mexican, italian, curries, seafood, desserts, snacks and even guilt-free treats. Phew!
  • Recipes designed not only for taste but also for maximum nutrition and metabolic wow-factor (meaning: they will make you lean!)
  • Tips from Enzo and Kat throughout
  • A cheat-sheet list of our ‘must have’ foods to keep in the kitchen as well as extra tips on food preparation and cooking

Click here for your copy, and all the info! The discount has already been applied on the page, it will check out at half price.

The Lean Chef Fat Loss Nutrition Blueprint: 4 Weeks to a New, Lean You – Half Price!

BR8m_fnVXqd2NaZbhde4gzfesQyneU_MV13YLPoqnUA8Gb7nOzc4L9HcbQJ66aOVcsMu7MqMRzVsilvLMnt81W4=s346The Lean Chef Fat Loss Blueprint is ready to get you lean, energised and mega-toned for 2014! Click here for your HALF PRICE Boxing Day copy!

  • How to set goals that work: I tell you exactly how I set my own body goals and work with my private fat loss clients to set goals that are strategic, motivating and guaranteed to keep you on track until you smash through them.
  • How I created a Get Lean formula that works for everyone and what you need to know about making it work for YOU
  • Cheat/treat meal rules: what’s enough, too much, not enough- how to have exceptions to your clean eating diet and find the balance
  • 4-week periodised nutrition plan – includes step-by-step approach to your meals, covering meal plans, portion sizes, recipes, exceptions, and making it work in terms of your schedule and life
  • Each week builds on the previous and can expect to SEE results from the first week
  • Motivation & support – how to stay on track and keep with it when it feels tough but also where you can make it easier and more ‘doable’
  • Email access included and your questions answered! Included in your purchase you get to email The Lean Chef twice for personal feedback and support – normally I reserve this for my private clients!
  • Pre and post workout nutrition – exactly what to eat around training to maximise results
  • Guilt-free treats: what you can have ON TOP OF your treat meals without breaking the plan
  • BONUS: Fast fat loss cheat sheet: my 1-page report showing you how to get ’emergency’ fat loss results in less than 3 days when you have to pull out all the stops.

Click here for your Lean Chef Fat Loss Nutrition Blueprint at 50% off!

The discount has already been applied on the page, it will check out at half price.

The (NEW) Lean Chef Guilt-Free Desserts Cookbook – Pre-sale now at 30% off!


After 5 months of weekly baking and taste-testing my Desserts Cookbook is at the final editing stage and will be officially released in the first week of Jan. The Lean Chef Guilt-Free Desserts Cookbook features 25 simple recipes for sweet treats turned healthy, and is ideal for you if you have a sweet tooth and love desserts and mid-afternoon treats but don’t want the sugar hit or the impact on your waistline. Some of the favourites from this book include:

  • Protein Sticky Date Cake
  • Choc-Banana Coconut Bread
  • Peanut Butter Cups

And loads more! I’ll be ‘officially’ releasing this cookbook next week at an already low price of $15 – you can snap your copy up now on pre-order for just $9 (I know!) and I’ll send it to you in the first week of Jan as soon as it’s ready.

Click here for your Lean Chef Guilt-Free Desserts Cookbook at 50% off!

Get a personal diet and/or training plan written by me to maximise your goals: 20% off in the Boxing Day Sale!

I am now offering personalised diet and/or training plans, designed entirely around your goals and lifestyle and guaranteed to get you maximum results. I realised there was a need for this after leaving Melbourne and having many of my clients request such a service.

I’ll write you a tailored 7-day diet plan and/or training program based exactly on what you need and want to achieve, and as part of today’s Boxing Day Sale I am offering 20% off. Contact me here or email if you’d like to know more; don’t forget to tell me your goals. Remember the 20% off offer is only good during the Boxing Day sale so if you’d like to know how I can help you then get in touch now!

That’s it from me; hope you found a great bargain to meet your fitness and health goals in today’s Boxing Day sale. I’m off to finish the last few photos for the Desserts Cookbook!


Eat Right. Train Smart. Get Lean.


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