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If you’re a Spreets customer and new to Body Incredible, then welcome! I’m Kat Eden, I’m a Melbourne based health and motivation coach, and I run Body Incredible as well as the Australia-wide Lean Living seminar series. I have a background in personal training, nutrition, and motivational coaching. Body Incredible is your one-stop shop for health, nutrition, motivation, and fat loss – and you can even get twice weekly free blog tips if you subscribe by email or RSS! (You can do that just to the right of this).

I’ve been running the Body Incredible Lean Living seminar series for about 2 years now, although it did exist prior to that in a less structured form. Lean Living has mainly been corporate based, but as of late 2011 I’ve been taking the seminar on the road – the most recent series having taken place throughout the Bikram yoga studios of the beautiful coast of Western Australia.

lean living: you, taking back control

Lean Living is a 90-minute interactive nutrition, motivation and fat loss seminar, and is quite simply jam packed of practical advice that you can immediately take away and benefit from. Here’s just some of what we might cover when you attend Lean Living:

  • The keys to simple nutrition for busy people
  • Morning kickstart: how to set yourself up for day-long dietary success and a ‘revving’ metabolism
  • Breaky: simple rules for energy and fat loss
  • Curbing the cravings and beating the munchies
  • Secrets of fat loss (including how to lose the final 5), and common myths undone
  • Digestion: why things aren’t working properly, and what to do about it
  • Stress, cortisol, and the power of your hormones
  • The truth about proteins fats and carbs
  • Tips and tricks for sounder sleep
  • And – most important – how to make it all work for you so you don’t have to turn your busy life upside down, or give up every food or indulgence you’ve ever loved!

advice you can actually USE

Lean Living is educational, it’s inspiring, and it’s even entertaining (that’s what people tell me anyway; I trust they mean in a good way!) – but if you’re thinking it’s just going to be a list of ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ then think again. My focus with Lean Living is not just to teach you the tools to nutritional and fat loss success, but to leave you feeling equipped to take FULL control of your nutrition, your health, and your body.

i hate diets – this is about creating a lifestyle

Just in case you’re wondering? This is about creating a lifestyle to move you toward lasting health and fat loss results. What do I mean by a lifestyle? Well, it’s different for everyone, but for me it means making changes in some areas so that I get to keep doing or having what I love in other areas. For example – I would NEVER get on board with an eating plan or health system that asked me to completely eliminate chocolate, red wine, or coffee. Those are my vices, and I’ll bet you have yours!

With Lean Living you’ll learn exactly what you can and can’t ‘get away with’ (depending on your goals) and you’ll also learn how you can program your body to keep burning fat even when you have those sort of things.

For real.

what people are saying

Here’s a sample of emails I received after a recent seminar for GE Finance:

  • Great session with practical takeaway advice!
  • I really enjoyed the seminar and although I consider myself to be knowledgeable on nutrition I got a lot out of the seminar.  Attending the seminar I brought with me a couple of work files I needed to read through – I did this in case the speaker wasn’t  engaging or the topics weren’t interesting.  To my delight Kat exceeded my expectations and I didn’t need to read the work files I brought with me.
  • Handout was very informative and have passed it onto other staff that couldn’t make the session.
  • I thought this seminar was excellent! The info provided was relevant and realistic to my busy life. Kat answered real issues and gave real answers that were realistic, I have already started using the information Kat has provided!!
  • Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for the session yesterday. It was highly informative and enjoyable. Kat is a great public speaker!

gimme details!

How much? Lean Living is AUD$47. If you register for the March and April dates before March 5 you’ll also get a free copy of my e-manual “Healthy Food for Busy People”. AND you’ll get an audio podcast on my 7 keys to LASTING fat loss success. Follow the purchase button below to secure your place and checkout through Paypal. Places are limited due to venue size!

Where: Melbourne Lean Living seminars are currently being held at RBT gym in South Melbourne; 146 Thistlewaite street.

Spreets: If you’ve signed up through the Spreets deal, you need to go to the Spreets page and register for your chosen date, as well as for your personal training with RBT.

When: Current dates are Monday March 21st, Monday April 4th, and Monday April 18th (BOOKED OUT). Come at 7pm for some fruit and a chat, and we’ll kick off at 7.30. The seminar usually runs until around 9pm, and there is an open question time after.

Sign me up! Sign up below and checkout through Paypal – your place will automatically be secured! If you’re interested in having Lean Living in your workplace – in Melbourne or beyond – then just let me know.

Discount Code:

PS: You could most probably find all of the info I’ll be teaching at this event simply by scouring the internet and my blog. But are you going to do that? Seriously? Come along and I guarantee you’ll walk away simply BRIMMING with stuff you can and will apply right away – not to mention a whole bunch of fresh inspiration 🙂

PPS: $47 is an absolute steal for the quality of information you’re going to get at Lean Living, not to mention the bonuses! You know it 🙂 Aaaaaaannnnndddd: there will be additional giveaways on the night including free Personal Training and free copies of my book ‘Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed’!

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