Look Great Naked Stretch Session Three


  • Allow 10-15 minutes for your stretch session
  • Although you will see me perform each stretch for only a short period of time I would generally hold each one for at least 30 seconds, and up to 60. Whilst holding you may gently ‘bounce’ further into the stretch, which means push slowly back and forth. You’ll find this a good way to go deeper.
  • Feel free to repeat any stretches that feel good or especially necessary!
  • If possible, take the time to go for a relaxing walk afterwards or just to lay on your back and cloud or roof gaze. It’s a great way to create calm and let go of the ‘need’ to always be doing something.
If you have any questions about this session please leave me a comment below, or alternatively send me an email – kat@womanincredible.com.
Here’s to you, looking great naked!
And remember –
Life is Now. Press Play.
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