It’s taken me a couple of years of blogging purely for myself and my inner circle, but my persistence has finally paid off. (Either that, or people just got sick of me pitching them and finally gave in!) These days I’m lucky enough to be featured as a guest on some brilliant blogs and websites. Writing is my passion and I LOVE sharing simple advice for nutrition and healthy living outside of my own blog- be sure to check me out by following some of these links. And don’t forget to subscribe to these awesome blogs before you leave!

Oxygen Magazine

Foundation Fitness by Patrick Hitches

Sarah Wilson by Sarah Wilson

Abberant Venus by Jules Robson

The Daily Brainstorm by various bloggers who rock!

The Daily Brainstorm is a blogazine to rock your mind. The editors gather together ideas from across the web into one hotbed of engaging, thought provoking daily blast from some of the best bloggers on the web, and yes, I’m a contributor. In fact, I was honoured to be one of the founding contributors of this fantastic blog. With everything from fashion, to politics, to health, nutrition, and self-development, this blog definitely is a one-stop shop for entertainment and inspiration!

Dumb Little Man by Jay White

Nick Mitchell Blog by Nick Mitchell

Effortless Abundance by Mark Harrison

Worldwide Walk Blog by Australian Women’s Weekly

Melbourne Herald Sun

Momentum Gathering by Katie Tallo

Ask The Trainer by Mike Behnken

Write to Done by Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch

Constructively Productive by Ali Hale and Thursday Bram

Out of Stress blog

Lisa Johnson Fitness by Lisa Johnson

FitFoods by Calina Ouliaris

Food for Yoga by Kat Eden

This is one of my ‘secret’ blogs.

Food for Yoga is written for the members and visitors of Bikram Yoga Fitzroy, and covers nutrition specific to hot yoga, but also loads more on nutrition, lifestyle, motivation and health.

Body After Bump by Kat Eden

Another of my secret blogs. Check it out here and get an insight into how an obsessive new Mum (yep, me) has approached post-pregnancy health and fat loss.

Pick The Brain by Erin Falconer



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