Module 10 Day 7

Burn – Gym

Today is your gym ‘Burn’ session – it’s another fresh new circuit to get you truly feeling the burn!

A1: Bodyweight jumping squats 20
A2: Medicine ball burpees 20
A3: Jumping push ups (you don’t have to clap, just lift your hands off the floor) 20
A4: Jumping alternate DB lunges 30
A5: Lateral hops 30
A6: Forward hopping on one leg. 20 each leg


  • You will need a maximum of 10 seconds rest between each exercise, and up to 60 between each set
  • I’d like you to do a minimum of 4 sets, but up to 8 total
  • With jumping it is easy to short change yourself on the technique; try not to do this!