Module 8 Day 10

Metabolic Madness – Home

Today is your home ‘Metabolic’ session, and it’s another completely fresh circuit session. Psych yourself into an awesome workout!

a1: KB squat and lift
a2: DB walking lunges
a3: Burpees with jumps
a4: Turkish get ups w or
w/out weight x 10 each side
a5: bridge brace 60 seconds plus
a6: 500 skips


  • Aim for 15-20 reps of each exercise
  • A total of 3-5 sets of everything
  • 10 seconds rest between each exercise in the set and then 60 seconds at the end of each full set
  • Use a controlled pace for each exercise
  • Have fun!

Click here to download the printout of this workout.