Module 8 Day 15

Body Sculpt – Home

Legs Focus Module

Today you are back to your at-home Body Sculpt Day.

It’s your final week (at home) to smash that legs workout. Aim to beat last week’s you can rest times or weights lifted.

A1: DB or KB deadlifts 4010  8-10 reps
A2: DB front squats  30×0  10-12 reps
A3: DB straight-leg dead lifts  30X0  12-15 reps
A4: DB drop lunges  31X0  8-10 reps
A5: DB kick-walk lunges 3010  10-12 reps


  • 5-6 sets of everything
  • Do one warm-up set first, with little or no reps
  • Take 10 seconds rest between exercises and 120 seconds rest after A6 at the end of each round

Click here to print off this workout!