Module 8 Day 7

Body Sculpt – Gym

Today is Body Sculpt day, and you are back to your ‘giant set’ of leg exercises. See if you can break through any weight or rest plateaus from last week!

A1: BB deadlifts 4010  8-10 reps
A2: BB front squats  30X0  10-12 reps
A3: DB straight-leg dead lifts  30X0  12-15 reps
A4: DB drop lunges  31X0  8-10 reps
A5: Lying hamstring curls 4040  10-12 reps
A6: BB kick-walk lunges 3010  10-12 reps


  • 5-6 sets of everything
  • Do one warm-up set first, with little or no reps
  • Take 10 seconds rest between exercises and 120 seconds rest after A6 at the end of each round

Click here for a printable download of your workout!