Module 9 Day 4

Metabolic Madness – Home

Today is your home ‘Metabolic’ session; your first for Module 9. Sweat it out!

A: Box jumps 50 reps
B: Kettlebell swings (or dumbbell swings) 50 reps
C: Skips 150 reps
D: Lying leg raises 100 reps
E: Push-ups 50 reps
F: Renegade rows 60 reps


  • All exercises at controlled moderate pace
  • The ideas is not to do them in full one after the other but rather to go back and forth between each exercise until you’ve ticked everything off. For example. You might do 30 box jumps, 20 swings, 100 skips, 20 lying leg raises, 20 push ups, 20 rows and then go back to the start but change the quantities.
  • You can go in any order you like. I suggest using the lying leg raises for your ‘active rest’, i.e. when you really get out of breath.
  • If you want a longer workout simply double all the quantities!
  • Don’t worry about tempos on this workout, just get through it.
To print off your workout click here.