I’ve just put the finishing touches on my most powerful and best value deep-dive 1:1 transformation offer for 2016 so far, designed to get you to COMPLETELY tear back the barriers that stop you from NOW creating the money you want, in alignment, and holding the fuck onto it.

It will be for a very small group of people only.

And it’s going to be about going DEEP into your money stuff and also your ALIGNMENT and purpose stuff.

I’ll be booking sessions starting next week.

We’ll work together over 14 days of INTENSIVE transformation.

We will start with a 1:1 deep dive money session. Looking at why you’re NOT allowing yourself to reach your real money goals. What the reason is for you to CONTINUE to not allow that money flow, how to CLEAR it, and how to dig deep into the real reason you would now choose to ALLOW it.

This session, if you allow it to, and let me actually get to your core, will change EVERYTHING for you. There is something I do which only a few people have properly experienced, where I can read right into your core and the true reasons you block yourself from moving forward. I would say this is actually the most powerful gift I have, for some reason I hardly ever talk about it!!

After this session you will know:

* What your true money goal is

* Why it is now a MUST

* Why you have NOT previously actually wanted to achieve it

* And I’ll have helped you flick the fucking switch needed to BE the person who AUTOMATICALLY achieves it. I’ve done it for myself and my clients a million times over.

Now it’s your turn.

Our second session will take place a week later, and will be a deep dive ALIGNMENT AND PURPOSE session. This is actually very similar to what we’ll be doing in the money session, and they will tie in perfectly together!

We’ll be looking at:

* What alignment really means for YOU

* What your purpose is and what you were born to do

* Why you’re BLOCKING yourself right now from living it

* And you’ll flick that switch into absolute truth, alignment, and now BEING the person you need to be to show up and get the RESULTS!

In and around your deep dive 1:1 sessions, we’ll be spending 14 days together in a closed Facebook group space, working daily on stripping away the layers that have until now held you back, and jumping REPEATEDLY off that cliff into being who you need to be to receive.

Trust me … this will hurt. But it’s good fucking pain, honest pain, the pain of GROWTH.

– Cost –

My 1:1 mentoring fees start at 6k per month right now, and are in fact going to 8k/ month from January 1.

For the deep dive Money Flow work we’re doing here, for the entire 14 days and including both deep dive sessions and all of the additional personalised support and training, you’ll pay only $2500, or 2 x $1299. A far over 50% saving on my 2017 monthly mentoring fee!

As a bonus I’m also going to give you, for the 14 days of the Money Flow Intensive, access to everything my private monthly mentoring clients receive, including additional UNLIMITED 1:1 support, amongst other things!

So you receive the Money Flow Intensive at a huge saving AND you receive $4000 worth of private mentoring support with that. And if you choose to CONTINUE with me 1:1 after our money flow you’ll receive 100% credit back on what you paid for Money Flow, as if you WERE already a monthly private client you’d have received it for free!

Which means, it goes without saying: if you are a current monthly private client of mine you will receive this Money Flow Intensive at no extra cost!


PLUS! Get the Entire Bring Home 2016 Bundle with Kat Included! If you’ve already purchased it we will refund you after you make payment for your 1:1 Money Flow Intensive with Kat!

It’s time to face into the growth you KNOW is possible for you. It’s time to STRETTTTCCHHHHH gorgeous. They don’t call ’em growing pains for no reason!! And at some point you’re going to have to acknowledge that in order to get to where you need to go you DO have to face up to why you’ve not been.

And change afuckingcordingly, from the inside out.

So join me.


Deep dive.

In my Money Flow INTENSIVE, and let’s start making the growth of your income and your IMPACT take place at the pace you know it should be.

Could be.

And now WILL be.

But don’t hesitate, not just because that is not what we DO, but also because I can only offer limited places for this, as this is deep dive private work.

I have no current plans to offer it again! If you watch my stuff you’ll know I rarely DO repeat offers at all.

So if you’re called.

And you’re READY.

And you’re WILLING?


PLUS! Get the Entire Bring Home 2016 Bundle with Kat Included! If you’ve already purchased it we will refund you after you make payment for your 1:1 Money Flow Intensive with Kat!

Once it’s full?

It’s fucking full.

But once you’re in?

You’re fucking in and we can start right away.

Message me NOW if you know you need this but have any questions or uncertainties, but most of all?

Leap where you know you need to fucking leap baby.