On The Road: A Day Trip Interstate!

WEEK 16: ‘On The Road: Day Trip Interstate’

  • 4.30am: Woman Incredible glutamine and fiber with water
  • 5.20am: Long black at Melbourne airport
  • 6.15am: (from home) steak and mixed roasted nuts on the plane. Sorry folks!
  • 9.30am: Just finished my first appointment in Sydney. Fried eggs with haloumi and bacon, 2 x long black with cream and cinnamon
  • 12: a green apple and a small piece of lamb (from my container of food from home; I always carry plenty
  • 1.30: back and chest gym workout
  • 2.30: Fitness First low-carb protein shake. Probably NOT great but I feel really shaky and I don’t mind having those sort of things occasionally. Drank just half.
  • 3.30: the rest of my food from home: cucumbers, a few baby tomatoes, and the rest of the lamb
  • 5.30: cheese, some nuts and a glass of shiraz at the airport
  • 9pm: back home and STARVING! Luckily I planned for this and there is a whole roast chicken in the fridge. I ate about half.