Out and About

WEEK 35: ‘Out and About’

  • 630am: 25 BCAAs (in a rush!), long black on the go with cream and cinnamon
  • 830am: back home for some gluten-free porridge with organic Greek yoghurt, shredded cinnamon, glutamine mixed through, berries and cinnamon and flaxseeds ground on top. Something different.
  • 10.30am: 25 BCAAs post workout (forgot my shake, this is another option for after training)
  • 12 noon: cold veggie soup in the car with a piece of chicken breast
  • 1pm: long macchiato and a little Loving Earth raw chocolate
  • 3pm: more of the 12 o’clock meal!
  • 7pm: out for dinner – tapas including prawns, scallops and rabbit with green beans. A glass of organic shiraz, and half a cheese platter.