Pan Fried with Basil and Tomato


  • 500 grams of organic chicken breast
  • 1 container of baby roma tomatoes
  • Fresh basil
  • Real salt and pepper
  • Black olives with pips in
  • Crushed garlic, to taste
  • A bunch of spinach
  • Coconut oil for cooking in


Heat coconut oil over a moderate flame. Cut the chicken breasts sideways through the middle so they are thinner and flatter. Cook in oil and some crushed garlic and salt and pepper.

Chicken breasts should be cooked thoroughly, before adding the rest of the ingredients. Once they are, add your (chopped in half) baby tomatoes, a good amount of torn fresh basil leaves, and a nice handful of black olives.

Turn to a low flame and cover. Leave to simmer for 20 minutes.

Serve on a bed of spinach – simple and delicious!

Did you know?

The nutritional breakdown of spinach is such that it has more nutrients in it per calorie than any other food. Wow, huh? And not only is it ridiculously nutrient dense (with vitamins, minerals and even essential fatty acids), but it’s also naturally very low in calories. This is a key reason spinach is renowned for its weight loss benefits.