Platinum Module Overviews And Summaries

Module One: Where Are You Now?

Module Two:  The Perfect Diet For You

Module Three: The Science Of Great Training

Module Four:  Insulin, The Fat Storage Hormone

Module Five:  Everything You Need To Know About Protein

Module Six: Toxins, Your Health And Fat Loss

Module Seven: Everything You Need To Know About Carbs

Module Eight: When Clean Eating Doesn’t Work (Food Exceptions)

Module Nine: The Cortisol Connection

Module Ten: Everything You Could Ever Know About Fats

Module Eleven: Estrogen; The Lean Legs Hormone

Module Twelve:  Beating Cravings & Emotional Eating

Module Thirteen: Dynamic Digestion 101

Module Fourteen: The Deep Stuff On Fat Loss

Module Fifteen: Wind Down Special!

Module Sixteen: Living The Good Life!

Module Seventeen: Beauty Special

Module Eighteen: Lifestyle and Energy Makeover