PT Business Transformation Day

Want to escape the grind of one-on-one Personal Training?! We did, and we’re going to show you exactly how.

You love PT. That’s a given, right? You love being part of the fitness industry and you definitely love knowing that you’ve helped transform somebody’s body and even their life. But let’s be honest. The 12-hour (+!) days? The back to back where you feel like you’re just running from one client to the next with no foreseeable end in sight and you know your own training and health is starting to suffer? The fact that even though you earn a great hourly rate you don’t have that much to show for it because you just don’t have the time to figure out how to really get ahead? Not so loveable, right?

the pt business transformation day is for you!

If you are a successful one-on-one PT who is determined to escape the daily grind and create multiple income streams that allow you to work less and smarter, then the Personal Trainers Business Transformation Day this May 7 is for you.

This is the kind of day that we guarantee you are going to look back on as the turning point in your business. We will teach you exactly what it takes to be a 6-figure (minimum!) PT by working less. We’ll show you how we repeatedly use smart marketing and positioning strategies to grow our incomes from a variety of sources, have a constant waiting list for new clients, be approached by the media, and jet off overseas multiple times per year without having to use the credit card and knowing that we are still making money while we live it up. And we’ll show you how you can start living the same way in less time than it would normally take you to finish a client intro pack and sign them up. Oh – and the cost of this day? Less than you’d be asking that client for each week, that’s for sure!

For real.


the lowdown: here’s what you’ll get

This is a full day workshop held at Result Based Training (R.B.T) in South Melbourne. R.B.T is a new private gym (a PTs playground!) and is owned by Travis “T.J” Jones. T.J, along with myself (Kat Eden) will be your hosts for this business-changing day. Oh, and before I forget? There are only 40 places available for this workshop. No exceptions, so if you’re really ready to draw that line in the sand and say that 2011 IS the year you free up your time and make some serious 6-figure $$$$ then contact us right away to register your interest. Here is what one of our PT mentoring clients has to say:

I started this business having no sales skills and basic practical skills. Without my apprenticeship with Kat, I would not be where I’m currently at with my business. She’s always available if I have a question to ask and is always positive and encouraging. With the experience, knowledge and intelligence Kat exudes, she’s definitely an ideal mentor and I feel privileged to be her apprentice.” Liz Codrington, South Yarra personal trainer

I’ll give you a little bit more background on us in a moment, but first – here’s what you’re going to get when you register:

  • How to go from single or double income streams (PT and group PT) to multiple income streams, including passive income. The first step to creating a serious 6-figure income is to diversify where the money is coming from. We’re not talking about trading MORE of your time for money, either! We’ll teach you how to identify the 3-4 best income streams for your business, and how to start making money from them within 2 weeks or less. And the best part? You’ll do this by working less!
  • How to explode your bootcamps – even if you’ve never run a bootcamp before. There are very real reasons that some bootcamps bomb out by basically never making it over 40, 50 or even 100 participants. T.J. will let you in on the secrets that allowed him to go from zero bootcamp clients to over 1100 across 2 states within 2 months. And keep the clients. If you know that group training and outdoor training can be a sure-fire money maker but you’re just not sure how to guarantee success and avoid wasting your time, then this session is going to blow your mind.
  • How to become a media personality in your community. The truth is that the media are constantly looking for new sources, and if you don’t have a professional and HOT online presence then you’re going to get looked over. Kat and T.J. will teach you how to get a basic blog, website or Facebook page up and running in as little as a day, and then how you can easily position yourself as an expert in your niche and become a media darling. Talk about business transformation!
  • Create a passive and constantly-increasing stream of revenue on the internet. That basic blog/site/page we just talked about? You don’t have to be a writer or a techie (we’re definitely not!) to have a successful blog or Facebook page. We’ll show you the most effective ways to market yourself online and ensure that it’s not just your friends, clients, and Mum who are following you. AND we’ll show you the fastest ways to turn that traffic into big fat $$$$ signs.
  • Triple your weekly PT income by running a successful apprentice system. You’ve seen others make money with apprentices, and you’ve also seen others bomb out big time. This is one of the riskiest areas of PT, but also one of the smartest ways to make money – if you do it right. During her time at Fitness First Kat successfully ran 8 apprentices, all of whom made more money in their first 12 months than a typical senior trainer makes in a year even after years in the industry! Learn precisely how to choose the right apprentice and then guarantee their success and your cashflow – without having to spend hours each week training them!

Sound good? It is. In fact, we do this stuff all the time with our mentoring clients, and even though we look after other PTs and charge them less than PT clients, they still pay well over $100 per hour, week in and week out. You’re going to pay less than that for a whole day. And you’ll get both our secrets and success strategies! If you’ve heard enough and are ready to grab your place, simply contact us here of on Facebook (Kat and T.J)

what others have to say

“Working with TJ was really awesome. Without him I don’t think I’d be where I am today in my business – I learnt so much from him and am really successful as a result. I got so much more from my mentoring with TJ then I ever did in my course. He was always there for me and taught me everything I know, and I still go to him when I need some help or motivation. I’d recommend him to anyone!” Aimee Taylor, city PT

“Kat has been a great inspiration and mentor. She put a lot of effort into me and constantly was giving me the attention and help I needed. She was very business smart and that allowed me to build up a lot of sessions fast. Kat gave me everything I needed and she has taught me heaps.” Andrew Maggs, city PT

“Mentoring has helped me be more confident and on track with my business. I have and still do receive a lot of great support. I’ve expanded my knowledge and client base quite quickly and it has made me very successful already.” Bronwyn, Collins

everyone loves a bonus …

The thing with this workshop is that when we were planning it out we realised it’s not going to be possible to fit everything we know into a single day. Plus (we admit it), we not only wanted you to get awesome value on the day but we did want to throw in a couple of cool bonuses just to make your decision easier 😉 We think it’s a no-brainer.

Bonus #1: T.Js Group Training Exploder is a step-by-step system that will teach you how to easily find clients for small groups to triple your dollar per hour and free up that precious time so you can get back to the good old days of training for hours if you choose or just sitting around now and then! The Group Training Exploder is an audio, video and PDF package created by T.J. and containing everything you need to know to run successful small groups and start making more money in as little as 2 weeks! It normally retails to our PT mentoring clients at $119 – money that is made back instantly when you apply what you learn! The best part? It’s yours free when you register for the Personal Trainers Business Transformation Day.

Bonus #2: Kat Eden’s Mentor Trainer Apprentice Manual. This is a 70+ page manual that Kat put together based on her success with her apprentices. It is literally every single thing that Kat did to nearly triple her income in under a year – from how to choose the right apprentice, to scripts and step-by-step processes on training them, to ensuring that your apprentice not only sees out their whole term with you but wants ongoing mentoring from you afterwards! This manual has never been shared with anyone, and based on the amount of money the content in it can make you, it is in all seriousness worth thousands of dollars. If I were going to sell it, the lowest reasonable price I could put on it is $297. You’re welcome to buy it for that, OR you can grab your copy for free when you nab one of the 40 places at our Personal Trainers Business Transformation Day.

the catch

There’s always a catch, isn’t there, and this day definitely might sound too good to be true. Here’s the thing. It is too good to be true, but it’s for real.

We know what it’s like to put the hours in for months; for years and we know what it takes to escape the lure of one-on-one PT and create a serious business with serious cashflow. At the moment we are both mentoring other trainers one on one, and have unfortunately had to say no lately to opening up more of our time for this (wouldn’t you love to be able to say no to a new client because you know there’s more money for you elsewhere?!). But it’s not as though we want to keep all of our secrets to ourselves, especially when so many PTs like yourself have exactly what it takes to make big bucks, but just don’t quite know how to get there. That’s why we decided that the smartest use of our time – and the best way to give you basically a year’s worth of mentoring in a day! – was to run a workshop.

The catch? This is not for you if you’re purely interested in 1:1 training and don’t really want to try new things. It’s also not for you if you’re not motivated to take your business to the next level, and it’s definitely not for you if you are happy with your current income! Seriously though, this is for already motivated 1:1 PTs who want to make a serious difference and create a career that will last for decades – with your income climbing each year and the amount of time you put in going down.

If that sounds like you then register now.

“After consulting with you I was inspired and knew what I needed to do. Your coaching assisted me in all facets of my business from prospecting, sales, personal and business growth. You are a true professional of your industry and I have always found your advice constructive and informative. My business success and income alike have grown and your consultation is something I will continue.” Amanda Brown, city PT

“Kat is awesome. She had all the business systems in place for me when I came on and was great as a mentor. If ever I needed help, she was there for me. The way that she mentored me was the way I wanted to mentor other trainers and so I have taken the big step and have my own apprentice now. I could never have done that without the help and mentoring of Kat.” Andray, Eastern suburbs and city PT

who, what, when, where

Where: R.B.T Gym South Melbourne, 146 Thistlewaite street

When: Saturday May 7, 8am – 4pm (you will be able to train in the very hot R.B.T gym in the lunch break)

What else: Wear workout gear, and bring a notepad – you’re going to want to take pages and pages of notes!


Kat Eden has 12 years background as a 6-figure PT, including 3 years in Cluster management. She has helped 8 apprentices build a high-income business. Kat has authored 4 books, makes money from 9 different source, several of which are passive, and has nearly 2,000 people on her blog and Facebook database. Kat now works only 1.5 days a week, has a constant waiting list for new clients, charges one of the highest hourly rates in the country, and basically just makes more than she used to doing 60+ sessions a week! In fact, she has already booked 2 overseas holidays for this year and will be making money every second she’s away – without having to even think about it!

T.J. has a lifetime of fitness and training experience and has worked professionally across the world for the last decade. T.J has built a reputation as being one of Melbourne’s most sought after trainers and consultants, which is in large part due to the fact that he not only understands but understands how to apply he principles of training periodization, individualised nutrition and lifestyle design, and successful online marketing. Using T.Js strategies will ensure you not only learn from his mistakes and save literally years of time, but that you always stay ahead of the rest when it comes to running and marketing your business. You will also have access to T.Js exclusive ready-to-use client forms. Inside the fitness world T.J has now launched:

  • an Australian wide Outdoor training program with well over 1000 participants
  • his own high-end gym and training facility in one of Melbourne’s wealthiest suburbs
  • he has formulated his own approach to outsourcing work and cutting down time to make his life more streamlined to ensure he can make more while working less.

If you want to create a business that works FOR you then you absolutely need to learn from T.J. and Kat! Combined, we have over 20 years of industry specific experience and we KNOW exactly what it takes – and what it doesn’t. Using our strategies will save you time and money and give you the freedom to do the stuff you love, both in and out of your business.

our crazy money back guarantee

Here’s the thing. If you’re not absolutely blown away by the value on this day then we will give you an immediate refund – plus you get to keep the bonuses! PLUS – if you go out and apply it in your business and after 90 days you can honestly say our strategies don’t work and you haven’t increased your income, then we will STILL refund you in full and you can keep your bonuses!

PS: If you’re serious about making 2011 this year, we guarantee that this day is a must. You are going to work out inspired, confident and CLEAR on what you need to do. You’ll be wishing you heard this stuff back when you started and saved all the hours you’ve spent on 1:1, not to mention the constant effort of keeping your income at a certain level.

PPS: As we mentioned above, this workshop is absolutely limited to the first 40 PTs who get in, and it WILL sell out. Nab your spot now.

Contact Kat here to discuss your investment (hint: ridiculously good value!) and register, or connect on Facebook with Kat or TJ.