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I have decided to offer you something insane that is going to quite frankly cost me money but I know you WILL love it. The ‘catch’ is you have to decide today 🙂 it’s going to mean that instead of receiving your Rich Chick content week by week you can access the entire first year TODAY! That’s right, I will unlock it for you!

But first, quick question for you – have you ever set a goal that you absolutely did NOT think was really possible “for you”?

I have, SO many times.

Like telling myself I wanted to make a million dollars …

Speak in front of audiences of thousands …

Be a best-selling author …

Live ‘location free’ and travel the world …

I’ve set all of these goals and more SO many times over the years from a place of REALLY feeling, deep down, that “yeah right”.

“As if that’s going to happen for ME”

Because my underlying thought pattern? I’m not good enough, and life couldn’t be that good.

Now, when I set goals, it comes completely from a place of KNOWING. I know that I will achieve my goals because they are not just goals but they are PLANS. Commitments. And they are based on my doing my VERY best work, the stuff I am BORN to do.

Or click here for a payment plan – 3 x $177

When I created my Rich Chick Mastermind I created it as a hub for driven women entrepreneurs who wanted to make MORE money, FASTER, and in a way that suited them.

Making a ton of money is awesome!

But you know what’s even more awesome? Doing it from a place of TOTAL belief and alignment.

And that’s why the REAL work that I teach my Rich Chicks is the bit about in a way that suits you.

Let’s face it. If you’re not going to be YOU, then who the hell are you going to be?!

Right now, as a new member “one time” offer and for today ONLY, you can join the Rich Chick Mastermind and get the entire next YEAR for over 50% off.

Or click here for a payment plan – 3 x $177

This incredibly business AND life changing group is one I consistently over-deliver on value on for an AWESOME monthly fee that really is just too good to be true. ‘Cept it is, as you know 🙂

My clients ADORE being part of it and I know YOU are going to as well.

And business? Is getting sweeter by the day.

Want it to be sweet and ALIGNED for you, where you BELIEVE in yourself and then also DO?

Right now, and ONLY for the next 24 hours ONLY, I’m giving you the one-time new member opportunity to step out of “I’ll see how I go” with this biz thing and to commit ALL OUT to doing what it takes this next year.

Over the course of the next 12 months as a Rich Chick, and including the sweet $49 trial you joined up at as well as the fact that you nabbed the ongoing 50% off rate of just $99 a month, you’ll pay $1138 membership fees. Not freaking bad for a year of support, accountability and CUTTING edge training!

But like I said, I want to do something special so for today ONLY you can purchase the ENTIRE YEAR for only an additional $499.

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If you know that this is your year to make MORE money online, faster, and in a way that suits you …

And you just want to FINALLY do what you are really CALLED to do …

And you want my butt kicking lovin’ style of coaching to help you DO it …

And you want to BELIEVE in you and then also DO you

So you’re ready to COMMIT –

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But it has to be today lovely!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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Or click here for a payment plan – 3 x $177