Recovery Day

WEEK 28: “Recovery Day”

Post Tough Mudder!

  • 5.30am: Glutamine, primal greens, fiber mixed with water. Long black with cream and cinnamon
  • 6am: 150 grams of leftover porterhouse, spoonful of nut butter. Long black with cream and cinnamon
  • 9am – backyard arms session, Woman Incredible glutamine before and after
  • 10am: Post Tough Mudder treat meal, delayed until the day after! Worth waiting for though – gluten free cinnamon french toast with scrambled eggs, bacon, maple syrup, and banana. A-ma-zing, my favourite!
  • 11am: Long macchiato
  • 2pm: 3/4 strong latte and a small piece (1!) of dark chocolate. I know … heavy coffee day after yesterday’s exertion!
  • 3pm: My massive second breaky has finally digested – 150 grams of cooked chicken, and 2 lebanese cucumbers
  • 6.30pm: Marinated lamb, homemade greek salad with feta, 1 glass of pinot and 1 Loving Earth chocolate mylk heart

A deserved day of indulgence!