The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders

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I’ve created a Tribe.

A Tribe of leaders.

A Tribe of REVOLUTIONARY leaders.

A Tribe of REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADERS, who want it all –

Now –

On their terms –


This Tribe, it’s a hub. A hub. A place for learning, training, strategy and getting sh*t done. A place where women unite to act fast, think later, to do in a day what most do in a week, in a week what most do in a month, in a month what most do in a lifetime or not at all. It’s a place for driven, fast-thinking, creative and utterly utterly selfish women entrepreneurs who know that in order to live the life they truly CRAVE they must be willing to press play NOW.

If this is you and you WILL NOT STOP TILL YOU GET THERE? Then what you’re about to read on this page will be single most important thing you have read all year.

And if you let it? It will change your life.


Before I explain how it all works (and GOD is it awesome!), let’s talk about you.

About the good.

The bad.

The crazy.

The downright ugly and even terrifying sides of you that you wonder if you should EVER let out!

But most of all about the truth, and the truth is this:

You, you want it all, you want it now, and you DO want it on your terms.

Money, fame, fortune, freedom – those things are a given. Of course you’re going to be richer than rich, bigger than big, go where you like when you like and live a lifestyle most wouldn’t dream of! You’ve known that stuff for YEARS and so even though you’re not quite there yet (and frankly would like to know when the fuck you WILL get there, and don’t worry we are going to get you there!) what you really want?

Is so much more than that.

Because you, who you are truly, deep inside, is something that pretty much nobody else has ever understood, ever wanted to understand, ever even been able to CONSIDER understanding.

And who you are?

You are a leader honey.

You have a message that can only be described as a calling.

You have stuff within you that HAS to get out and although you know it’s terribly arrogant of you to think so, you’re pretty damn certain you can change the world.

At times you feel almost overwrought with anxiety, with overwhelm, with the pressure of knowing that people need to HEAR what you have to say, and you just don’t know, can’t seem to figure out, aren’t sure how to GIVE it to them.

Because right now as much as you do know your destiny is for something truly fucking amazing?

7zBEIwsMAUqWV-Rj3dKQ_QQBmApTrXSL75Bu_VvtUlAYou’re scared a lot of the time.

Infuriatingly stuck.

And every time you do think you’re ‘on your way’ you seem to end up unwittingly back in again.

Back to safety. To security. To WHAT YOU KNOW, and to who you think you have to be. And it drives you quite honestly MAD, and the thing is, the thing is that you know that you’re actually doing pretty well from the outside looking in and so why isn’t it enough for you?

Why aren’t you happy?

Why can’t you just ENJOY WHAT YOU have and be grateful, and keep on doing what’s working and just, y’know, build on it?

And so you go about your day, your life, doing your thing, smiling and sorta creating and sorta leading and sorta doing what it takes, and like I said, for anybody on the outside of your life looking in you have got shit SORTED.

You’re a winner, a high achiever, you’re superwoman! Everybody WISHES they could be like you.

But what you want?

You want a new standard of normal.

One the world can’t comprehend.

Never will.

And one that if we’re being REALLY honest? Would scare the living daylights off of even the highest of NORMAL high-achievers.

And what it comes down to, quite simply, is this:

You weren’t built for normal –

Or to package and perform from a box –

And you ain’t nobody’s dancing monkey or shy little vanilla cupcake.

Not in business. Not in life. Not in WHO YOU FUCKING ARE, because who you ARE?

You are a LEADER baby.

You DO have a message, a calling, and something that WILL change the world.

And you’re not just any kind of leader, you’re a fucking REVOLUTIONARY leader, one who will REPEATEDLY do what most will not do, cannot do, don’t want to do, so that you can have what they never CAN have but more than that so that you can live as you were BORN to live.


But here’s the thing.

Right now, you’re not doing it?

Are you?

Right now, you are fucking HIDING, is the truth. And you know it.

And really – really – this is just BULLSHIT, as you are not the kind of woman who hides.

But yet … maybe you are.

Since that’s what you’re doing and all.

And since we ARE being honest and all, your destiny will not be dictated by what it is ‘meant’ to be, it will be dictated by the actions you are taking.

Right now.


So it’s really very simple lovely.

If you say you’re a leader –

A revolutionary leader –

A FUCKING revolutionary leader.

Then maybe it’s about bloody time you started acting like it!



If this is you.


Then this is for you.

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Introducing The Tribe of Revolutionary of Revolutionary FUCKING LEADERS!

Where you have it all.

On your terms.


Nikka Karlie Tribe Testimonial

So here is what this is about, and rather than me re-write it all again I’m going to share with you exactly, straight copy and paste, from my journal, how I mapped it out before I even THOUGHT about doing a ‘sales page’ –

The truth is that this has been on my heart for some time, but I’ve only just found a way to EXPRESS it in the way that felt amazing …


I want to give people EVERYTHING
I want them to stick around because THAT is what true transformation requires
I want them to be part of the TRIBE

(crazy Kat journaling here) What feels right what feels right what feels right?

I want to be able to create on the fly

I want a big community of revolutionary fucking leaders who are out there taking action
I want to grow it easily and make it a no brainer
I want them to be able to talk about the work they are doing
I want to have a ‘place’ to host all of my stuff
I want people to be able to connect and be part of a tribe
I want to see people working through things together
I want them to be able to elevate up in the tribe – starting point – advanced – inner circle
I want to be REWARDING loyalty of those who do everything i have on offer.

How to most HELP people?

Give it all away.

Open the doors.

Make it easy for them to have all the tools they need AND the community support.

A place.

A place where they will learn and grow together. yes. where all of my programs are exulted and celebrated over time.

Where it is about the TRIBE.

About us joining TOGETHER as women committed to growth. About me creating an incredible place for the women who are ultimately going to do all my programs anyway but maybe not yet ready for private coaching, to have access to ME and to all my STUFF at an insanely awesome fee but to also have the Tribe so that they continue to learn.

To grow.

And to kick ALL the ass, creating the business and the life they were born for.

I’m speaking to you … !

So What Do You GET, in The Tribe?

The short answer? A LOT.

Hint … The Tribe is a monthly membership program. You can leave anytime. Or stay forever, if you’re committed to forever revolutionary results 😉 … here’s what you GET, for starters:

  • Our focus is on our community. YOUR community. On being part of an incredible TRIBE of like-minded women who are actively doing what it takes to create the business and life of their dreams.
  • You have access to me –
  • Monthly live trainings –
  • Monthly Q&A calls –
  • And each month we have a FOCAL intensive that we do.

Here’s What Else You Get When You Join Now …

Note: I Will Be REMOVING All of This for New Members After the 15th so If You Want to Get in on the Tribe Ground Floor and Access EVERYTHING, Join Now!

Tap Into Your Calling_Intensive_Banner

Tap Into Your Calling Bootcamp 4-week Intensive, with week by week modules, worksheets, alignment and MAJOR asskickery to help you…

Get clear on what you really want and are called for…

Confident that you can have it …

Motivated to create it …

And then launch yourself into massive. extreme. action, so you can:

EXPLODE your online community

Create and sell offers you LOVE

Share your TRUE message and most of all

KICK OVERWHELM AND FEAR to the curb as you make success yours!

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15 Days to Epic Fun, Fearlessness, and a HELL YEAH Business and Life You Never Wanna Quit!

Over 15 days of INSANITY and major ass-kicking (my kick, your ass!) we are going to get you the fuck over this BULLSHIT that you are allowing to dictate how your life plays out and we’re going to PROPEL you into major, major, awesome.

In the way you’re doing business, and getting your message out there.

In what you’re saying, and what you’re no longer bothering with a JOT.

In how you’re doing your relationships.

In how you’re getting through each day and whether or not you ACTUALLY FREAKING LOVE IT.

In every single part of how YOU are doing YOU, what you expect for your life and the reality of whether you are TRULY being fearless and trusting in your RIGHT to create that life on your terms!

And the best thing?

You’re going to see things shift so damn when you just take off the NONSENSE that has been binding you! You’re going to realise that the IDEA of fucking off the shoulds is so much more scary than the reality of it and you are ALREADY CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU REALISE!

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Are you ready to create a killer income online, doing what you love? Then you’re in the right place! The Rich Chick Mastermind is the ‘net’s hottest hangout for women entrepreneurs who dream big and are ready to make sh*t happen and an absolute must for you if you are ready to make this year your biggest, brightest and most profitable ever!

If you are a woman in business or ready to BE one and you want a system designed to turbo-charge your business success and income this year, you’re going to love love LOVE what The Rich Chick Mastermind has in store for you!

This is the program for women entrepreneurs who are serious about creating a killer income online, doing what they love! If you know you could benefit from the daily support, wisdom and specific “how to” as well as “what to do” from a coach who has fought the battles you’re about to fight, and who can save you time, money and effort and help you reach your biggest and most badass dream biz goals faster then YES! This is the program for you!

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The Business and Money Breakthrough

Do you ever find yourself wondering -Can I really have it ALL?

You really CAN have it all, you can have it all NOW, and you can have it COMPLETELY on your terms.

But if you WANT it, you’re going to have to go out there and TAKE it baby.

And when you join me in It’s Only Money, Honey! The Business and Money Breakthrough Program for Women Who Want It All, Now, And KNOW They’re Gonna Get It, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can create the internal shifts and the practical framework to create your money success NOW.

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Purpose Passion Flow is THE program for you if your desire and now CHOICE is to make MORE money, faster, and live your MOST AMAZING dream life completely on your terms and just by being YOU!

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WriteSpeakSellHeaderHave you ever wished you had a secret weapon you could use to guarantee that your every word makes you money? A way that you could KNOW people would not only line up to be a part of what you’re offering but practically beg you to take their money in exchange for your services? A bullet-proof SYSTEM for turning your knowledge, skills and passion into a virtual cash machine, allowing you to create the business and life of your dreams and live your ultimate lifestyle NOW?

Guess what? You do have a secret weapon and you CAN create your ultimate lifestyle business now!

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Launch-ItTo the fast-thinking, fast-talking, SUPER creative SUPERWOMAN who is sick of fucking around and not making the money OR the difference she’s born for … this one’s for you!

Launch It! is a 6 week intensive online experience based on the INCREDIBLE feedback I’ve had any time I share my launch strategies as well as the incredible DEMAND I’ve had to share more.

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Create Your Signature Program Audio SeriesAre you a woman in business looking to create true and lasting wealth, doing what you love? Are you looking to make a DIFFERENCE in a big way?

Do you have skills, knowledge and passion to share with the world and a deepset knowledge that you have what it takes to succeed online, but yet for one reason or another you haven’t yet got things up and running?

If you answered a resounding YES to any or all of those questions, then you’re going to love my Fearless Wealthy Woman ‘Create Your Signature Program’ 6-part audio series.

I’m going to teach you the exact ins and outs I use in my own business as well as teach my high-end mentoring clients to create beautiful and successful online programs – some of which have generated several hundred thousands of dollars in as little as 6 months!

If you have a big dream, a big message, and a burning desire to ‘make it’ online NOW – this is the program you need to get your butt into gear!

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Divider RedRich Chick Dreamlife Academy HEADERYou can create the life of your dreams, and that you can start now.

Let me give you the tools, strategy and support to figure out what you want, why you want it, and how to move forward and make it HAPPEN.

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Divider RedAA ToolkitThis is for the INCREDIBLE and incredibly DRIVEN woman entrepreneur who knows she was born for SO much more, more even than the normal path to success or wealth.

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Divider RedSBHA hustle.

And when I say a hustle?


18 days.

You and me baby.

No excuses.

No BS.

Just real. fucking. work.

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Divider RedBadassBusinessBabesHeaderAre you a BADASS?

I don’t just mean do you wanna be a badass, are you trying to be a badass I mean are you a fucking BADASS bitch of a babe who is ready to own it in business and in life?!

‘Cause if you are? And you know it? And you are MORE than okay with shouting it out loud and proud to the world and truly stepping into your AWESOME???!

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Plus NEW, just added: all of my “Woman Incredible” fat loss and fitness programs!

LGN Bootcamp




Pretty freaking awesome, right?! Don’t forget you get all of these courses FREE, but only when you join The Tribe by the 15th as after that I’m changing EVERYTHING and focusing only on new content!

These courses are an incredible ADDITION to what The Tribe is all about, which is being part of my incredible community of Revolutionary Leaders, having access to me and the group, monthly new trainings and expert interviews, PLUS our monthly new intensives. And of course live coaching, tons of cool bonuses and surprises, and a whole bunch of awesome day to day asskickery and alignment in our live group!

Trial your first month for just $97! Hurry, ends on the 15th!

Hell Yes!

So What Are You Waiting For? You ARE a Revolutionary Fucking Leader, Right?!

You love my stuff and want more of it, you WANT me to daily get your head into alignment and your butt into MEGA asskickery action.

You want to save a fuckton of money by not having to buy all my products individually and pay full rates.

And you want to be part of an incredible. fucking. TRIBE. of kickass women LEADERS who want it all, now, on their terms, and are not afraid to get it!

In short: you want to rule the world and you’re ready to DO IT!


Charlie Kingsland-BarrowIf that’s you AND you are ready to OWN being the Revolutionary Fucking Leader who you are, then what are you waiting for? Join The Tribe today and say HELL YEAH to working with ME for the long haul and getting ALL my stuff, but also – most importantly – say a BIG hell yeah to creating the business and life YOU want, to having it all, now, and on your terms!

That’s it baby! Let’s DO THIS!

Trial your first month for just $97! Hurry, ends on the 15th!

Hell Yes!

And I’ll see you inside lovely!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

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I made you a pretty fucking epic (fucking revolutionary!) training. It was a call I used to introduce The Tribe, but also one I used to hit you with the TRUTH about what it takes to simplify and rock your online biz now.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I ever spoke so fast or churned through so much important in your face shiz!

Officially, what this call was about?

The Plan: Your Entire Online Business Mapped Out, and Ready to Rock.

  • Purpose, passion, what you are called to do.
  • Business model options.
  • Where to start low end.
  • Where to start high end.
  • Marketing, branding, and getting people to buy.

And we did all that, but also – wow – this:

I also shared exactly what I would do, in less than 5 minutes, if I were starting from square ONE again, and I spoke about the two things I see as the BIGGEST and most prevalent reasons for kickass women NOT yet achieving their dreams.


The training goes for just over 30 minutes, and I also talk about and officially introduce The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders. So if you want to know PRECISELY what I would do if I were starting over again, and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff that’ll light a fire in your belly AND also hear me talk about The Tribe and how excited I am about how it can impact YOU, then click the audio now!

Trial your first month for just $97! Hurry, ends on the 15th!

Hell Yes!

Clare Crew Tribe Testimonial

Trial your first month for just $97! Hurry, ends on the 15th!

Hell Yes!