Rich Hot Empire

Rich Hot EMPIRE Breakdown: How to Scale to Multiple 7-Figures!

RICH HOT EMPIRE! {20 places; several are gone already!}

Work With Me for 6-Weeks Personally to Grow Your Perfect Cult Tribe, Create and Launch Your Low-High End EMPIRE, and Set Up Multiple Recurring Income Streams to Take You to Multiple 6-Figures, Doing What You Love!


  • 6-week personalised intensive mastermind
  • Weekly group training and support; multi-media training: visual + audio
  • ‘Done for You’ Templates and Step-by-Step Worksheets
  • Personalised 1:1 coaching included!! 2 x 1:1 private biz strategy and asskickery coaching sessions PLUS additional support anytime you need it!
  • My personal hand on your business success
  • Weekly group coaching call
  • 24/7 mastermind forum, networking and support
  • Very limited spaces
  • Results guaranteed
  • Not for everyone


1. Stand Out From the Start and Dominate Your Niche

  • What is the key thing that is different about this?? people need to put offers together right away and sell them. what is it that sells things? ENERGY AND PASSION AND HELL YES AND FLOW AND RUNNING THE LAUNCH RACE AND FOLLOW UPS
  • positioning YOU, why people will have to follow you and buy from you, what is your X factor and what do you have that people want
  • getting all this out there NOW so you come out of nowhere like a freaking tidal wave and everybody wants what you’ve got
  • The Be Everywhere System
  • Fast overview of what needs to be in place
  • Hell yes way for people to join your list
  • – copy / how to market this_
  • Initial offer for them to buy NOW or reach out to you
  • – basic copy, sales and marketing and promo process for this including examples, scripts, templates
  • Hell yes offer here as well
  • Ways for people to engage with you
  • Making THAT a hell yes as far as giving away free awesomeness
  • Entertainment, education, inspiration: the 3 reasons people will buy from you
  • what you need to have in place from a website point of view and online presence / social media (a lot less than you think)
  • how to use FB groups to actually work FOR you (system of posting something reactive then on your personal page is a obvious CTA for when people come over)
    what is the MOST hell yes offer for your Tribe?!
  • – FB ads training (Phillipa)

2. RAPID ONGOING Cash Injection: What is a Hell Yes NOW?

  • 4x levels, and the breakdown of THAT
  • activating cash NOW
  • doing your first BIG low end offer: rapid LAUNCH formula and running the launch race … the energy and the practicality of it
  • in depth breakdown of the sales, marketing, launch processes
  • copywriting
  • sales pages
  • emails
  • promotion and additional sales examples; examples OF all of this
  • overview of what to do each day to run the launch race

3. Mad Crazy Fans Who Buy All Your Shit: Expanding Your Cult Tribe

  • gifts, bribes, competitions, hell yes reasons for people to share you
  • organic and manual ways for people to optin and HAVE to be part of your tribe
  • having processes in place where they know exactly what to DO and they WANT to take the actions (buy and refer!) that you want them to
  • further in depth FB ads training
  • how to pitch yourself

4. Recurring Income Starting NOW

  • Give your tribe a hell yeah reason to KEEP paying you every day
  • getting your membership or mastermind set up as a hell yes and people paying NOW
  • retaining members and also automatically upleveling them
  • setting up your FUNNEL the simple easy effective way so you convert new sign ups straight into sales

5. Effortless High-End

  • Finding the 5-10% of your audience who WANT to be VIPs, having systemised stuff in place to funnel them into this so you don’t keep freaking reinventing the wheel all the time and you have the automated income
  • FREEDOM to do anything extra AS an extra not because you have to
  • making it work for YOU – having your low end funnel automatically flow
  • Also this is a catch up week with all the low end stuff (mainly funnel)

6. Leveraging BEYOND

  • Lifestyle
  • Getting out of your own way
  • doing the work YOU really want to be doing and being supported beyond that
  • leverage and automation: expanding tribe growth, fame, and recurring income
  • adding in an extra 100k a month with one new idea
  • what is your fame and income SYSTEM i.e. initial offer / membership / extra regular monthly offers / high end offers
  • Locking down your daily discipline
  • Locking down your sales activity plan i.e. one workshop a month / promote membership how often / launch and sales checklist plan / automated system for how you’re going to sign up your high end clients / automated Tribe growth process


  • Your online brand and identity DONE
  • RULING your fucking niche DONE
  • Your offerings and your future planned offerings DONE
  • Sales pages, sales emails DONE
  • Copy and marketing DONE
  • CULT TRIBE growth DONE
  • Crafting your upsells DONE
  • Automated income streams in place DONE
  • MULTIPLE product offers in place and launched DONE

Plus the absolute fucking certainty of what you need to do day in and day out, to CONTINUE growing your tribe and income … and you’ll be doing it!


  • 6-week personalised intensive mastermind {THAT SHIT IS PRICELESS!}
  • Weekly multi-media training: visual + audio {$6600)
  • ‘Done for You’ Templates and Step-by-Step Worksheets {$5000 – 10 x $500}
  • Weekly group coaching call {$6600)
  • 24/7 mastermind forum, networking and support {fuck yes!!}
  • 2 x 1:1 private biz strategy and asskickery coaching sessions with Kat to use anytime during the 6 weeks {$3000}

BONUS VALUE: $2000 (as per the video) << how freaking good is the rockstar bonus?!

TOTAL VALUE: $23,200+++!
COST: nothing even close to that 🙂 watch the video for all the details!



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