Road Trip

WEEK 22: “Road Trip:

Sometimes you just have no choice but to let your clean-eating plans veer off track, such as when you’re on the road or otherwise traveling or out of your normal environment. Well, that’s what some people tell me, anyway!

For me, I prefer to save my treat meals for when I’m really going to enjoy them, and to eat clean regardless of a little extra organisation that may be necessary. Here is what I ate on a recent road trip day (on my way to a holiday):

  • 7am: 2 boiled eggs and a handful of almonds. 1/2 a black coffee
  • 8am: Gym workout with a few BCAAs and some Woman Incredible Glutamine. Woman Incredible protein shake post workout
  • 9.30am: A pile of smoked salmon with one fried egg, followed by a long macchiato (coffee is okay after you’ve had your post workout meal)
  • 12noon: stopped at the in laws for lunch. Ate a touch of gluten free pasta with pesto dressing, and a bunch of salad and some homemade cured meats.
  • 3pm: McDonalds! Yup, you read that right! Did you know that you can buy plain seared chicken breast at Maccas for just $3? In Aus, that is 🙂 … so you really do have no excuse when on the road! I will admit I had one peppermint freddo frog after it … and a few cucumbers that I had brought with me in my bag 🙂
  • 6.30: arrived and time for dinner. Easy! BBQ’d meat with salad, and some Yogi tea also brought with me.