A Summer Day and A Kiddy Birthday Party

  • 8.30am: woke up late! 10 grams of Woman Incredible glutamine, 15 grams of flaxseeds hulls ground, and some GI support
  • 9am: 150 grams of pan-fried (in coconut oil) kangaroo, with a good handful of macadamia nuts. 2 long blacks.
  • 12.30: 1 home-made burger patty, mince meat, eggs and chopped veg. Stay tuned in next weeks recipe! Some chopped raw green cabbage marinated in red wine vinegar.
  • 1.30: didn’t need to eat again, but I was at a childs birthday party. 2 chicken skewers, a little coleslaw, AND about 10 M&Ms!
  • 4.30: whilst packing protein orders from the Boxing Day Sale – another beef burger patty, more cabbage with red wine vinegar, and a peppermint tea
  • 7pm: dinner at the in-laws, and I’m being ‘strict’ tonight. Some olives, cheese, home-made salami. A glass of home-made red wine. Just the meat sauce from the pasta, and some home-made 100% meat sausages. Green beans and green salad. I was served a piece of ricotta cheesecake but said no! Sometimes I do give in to pasta and dessert when I visit my in-laws, but not always. I’m holding out for NYE 🙂