Sample Meal Plan 12 – On Holidays With The Fam

  • 7am: long macchiato while walking on the beach in Lorne – on a mini family getaway
  • 8am: scrambled eggs, oven roasted tomato, ham off the bone. Long black with cream.
  • 11.30, while driving to another coastal town: about 100 grams sliced porterhouse, leftover. 6 cashews.
  • 2pm: lunch on the road – 1/3 a BBQ roast chicken, 1 lebanese cucumber from coles, long macchiato
  • 5pm: just arrived home and unpacking: the rest of my 1/2 chook, small handful of pumpkin seeds mixed with my Woman Incredible raw cacao nibs
  • 7.30: BBQ dinner: 1 scotch fillet, home made guacamole, broccolini with organic butter, few split green olives and salad including butter lettuce, raddichio, cucumber, roma tomatoes, red capsicum
  • 9pm: about 10 pistachios. Okay, about 20 🙂