Sample Meal Plan 9 – Just A Normal Clean Eating Day

6.30am: 2 poached eggs, 100g smoked salmon, 2 long macchiatos

9.30am: 25 BCAAs pre-training

10.30am: Post-workout (weights) WI protein shake

11am: ½ a small greek salad with grilled chicken. 1 strawberry (stolen from Alyssa), and 1 bite pineapple – my PWO carbs haha

1pm: The rest of the greek salad with chicken, 1 leftover lamb-chop, ¼ avo mashed with lemon

3pm: black coffee with cream and cinnamon. I know, a bit late in the day for it. I do occasionally slip up here

4.15pn: 30-minute Metabolic session, followed by 25 BCAAs, and some glutamine

6pm: homemade kangaroo burger, fried duck egg, cheddar cheese, spinach, cucumber, steamed broccoli, cabbage

9pm: Goat yoghurt with shredded coconut, Yogi tea